Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tickets Available: Operators Are Standing By

I found this to be a most unusual story today (OR IS IT?) from the Jerusalem Post Online:

When the Messiah comes...

For a pious Jew who believes in the imminent arrival of the messiah, relinquishing front-row seats on the Temple Mount, even when the price is right, is no simple matter.

That is why the Shomrei Hachomot (Guardians of the Walls) group put a stipulation in the contract they made with Irving and Cherna Moskowitz: When the messiah comes at the End of Days, ownership of the Ohel Yitzhak Synagogue reverts to Shomrei Hachomot.
The Moskowitzes agreed.

According to Jewish tradition, the messiah will successfully fight wars against the nations and initiate the ingathering of the Jewish people, and the third and last Temple will be built on the Temple Mount.

When that happens, it is reasonable to expect real estate prices near the Temple area to skyrocket.

Sources in Ataret Kohanim, the right-wing organization involved in strengthening the Jewish presence in Jerusalem by facilitating real estate purchases in the Jerusalem area, were reluctant to comment on why the Moskowitzes were willing to agree to such a condition. One source offered, "The Moskowitz family is not in this for profits."

Until the messiah comes, the property will be managed by the Western Wall Heritage Foundation. The synagogue will be open for daily prayer and will include a museum.

(I know, I know-- two Jewish-related posts in a row; but I assure you, there's no relationship.)

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