Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treatment, 2008

Perhaps it is fundamentally wrong to look to another country of the world, to another democracy which has recently elected a very Liberal leader and Liberal legislature, and then to predict what may befall the United States if we Americans should do the same here.

But it is Halloween, and it is time to frighten people afterall.

A headline at the DrudgeReport yesterday tipped me off that things in Australia are becoming very socialistic.

Something to the effect that, "Australia implements Mandatory Internet Filters".

And without going into the specifics of the heated argument (an attempt to restrict kiddie-porn sites), the measure adopted yesterday by the Australian Senate, and presently signed into law by P.M. Kevin Rudd are draconian, and fly in the face of all Freedoms of Speech and of Privacy.
For now, it is the Australian Federal Government, the new nanny state there, which decides what you Aussies can and cannot look at.

My good friend Jon in Sydney, an ultra-Lib. himself, is foaming at the mouth at this restriction of freedoms. At one of his blogs, Broadbanned Revolution, Jon notes that even innocent jokes about his Liberal Leaders like Stephen Conroy and Kevin Rudd, are being filtered and being banned from view, by Google/Australia.

Just like his dismay last December, when his beloved Rudd government said one thing about Australia joining the "Kyoto Accords" on global warming and planet boiling, then did the exact opposite in saying that "there needs to be more study of the effects on Australia's business and corporations."
And after being in power for a year now, the Liberal Australian Prime Minister Rudd continues to blame
(WAIT FOR IT...) the former administration and YES!, George Bush for the recession that that country is sliding into now.

Surprise, Jon~! Liberalism is never to be blamed for anything it does, or for what it doesn't do... either.

But the Drudge link taking me to Australia for that story, led to another, more disturbing one.
To a story of a 14-year old boy, who has committed no crime whatsoever, being held in solitary confinement on a lonely and distant farm in Western Australia, out of fear he could do something dangerous....

Quoting here: MORE than $500,000 a year is being spent to keep WA's most dangerous young teen on an isolated property under constant supervision.

The boy, who cannot be named by law, was removed from his home as a 12-year-old by the West Australian Department of Child Protection after being deemed a serious threat to his own family . The Australian understands that authorities believed the boy, now 14, was planning an act of violence. His carers won't be drawn on the details, saying only that the boy had been raised "with conflict" and was "feeling vengeful" and that his rage had "the potential to spill out".

The boy had not previously been in trouble with the law and had never been in any kind of out-of-home care. Social workers were initially at a loss to know how to treat the boy's case and placed him in juvenile detention for several months. However, he could not be held indefinitely as he had not been charged with any offence. [emphasis mine]

So, let's lock him away from society during his judgement-formative years, to really teach him a lesson! And at the same while, teach other young teens who have committed no offense, that feeling anger will not be tolerated.
Good Nanny state, good nanny state protecting us all from a 14 year old boy.


Don Smith said...

Good read Chief, a real eye-opener. I found it interesting.


Father Gregori said...

Wait until "They" invent a chip that will be implanted in our brains,(mandated by law)so that they can read our thoughts. Then we will be incarcerated for what we THINK!

Jewel Atkins said...

Geez, the women will be the death of us. To punish a boy before he has committed any crime. Instead of bringing a man into the boy's life to teach him the manlier arts of strength, honor, survival and duty to one's family and community and country, they act like his problem can be 'cured' with nannies.