Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cougars win, Tigers lose, But Everyone Won

Well, the local heroes, our Talihina Golden Tigers high school football team's season is over, the team a brilliant 11-1 record this year.
They lost last night, at home, to the (Fairfax, Ok.) Woodland H.S. Cougars, 38-8.
Congratulations to the Cougars, on a well played game.

While the contest itself was a letdown early for the home crowd,
the entire evening at the game was not~!

I have to just say how proud I am, of where I live.

Last night at frigid, blustery Doc Robinson Stadium, the fans stood as a prayer was offered over the loud speakers, then the Talihina Band played the National Anthem prior to the game, as the flags of America and of Oklahoma were raised, of course--
But then:

The band played "America The Beautiful" as well, with the Junior High and the High School cheerleaders holding up great big signs, to both sets of bleachers, with that song's words on them~!
In a well co-ordinated effort, the cheerleaders led the fans of the teams in a unanimously sung song to our country.

The two teams, the Golden Tigers and the Cougars, stood mingled together on the north end of the field.

Everything became motionless, the winds died down, and everyone stood up straight, and sang.
Time stood still, and "football" became meaningless. I'm unsure who had wet eyes, aside from Leti and me.
When the stanza was over, the cheers lasted over one minute,

as the fireworks went off across the highway.
Much Indian whooping, much hollaring, many car horns were offered by everyone.

Brotherhood, that.

I love so much living in this area, where simple, shared pride in America still is an honored and acceptable thing.

Off topic, but I read in the newspaper where the superintendant of Clayton, Ok. schools openly apologized to that community this week, for forgetting about Veteran's Day on Tuesday the 11th, and not holding a school-wide assembly to honor the Vets last week. A make-up assembly IS planned.
Honorable, that.


Jungle Mom said...

I want to live there...
BTW, I have been meaning to tell you that my sister has unearthed quite a bit of info on our Cherokee side. Met some cousins even! Thanks for getting us started on that.

The Localmalcontent said...

I think that that is just great news, JMom! Thank you for sharing it with me, I couldn't be happier for you, for Pam and for your dad!
I know that pleased him alot~!

Part Cherokee, part Yek`wana now, right?!! Good mix.

Jungle Mom said...

Part Ye'kwana, you are probably the only one of my friends that understands how Indians 'adopt' people into the tribe. A family of Ye'kwanas adopted us which made us all related one way or another.
How else would people know what to call us????? Or how to treat us???