Monday, November 24, 2008

From Times Gone By, Memories I Never Had

the following is inspired by new friend, BobG, the Salty City dweller,
and his comment on kites recently.

Start by clicking here,
(**requires Windows Media Player)
then continue reading please:

As you listen to the happiest piece of music I've ever heard, "Calliope",
remember when children by the dozens gathered together to simply fly
their best kites on a clear, sunny, windy day in March?

Then momma or grandma or sweet Aunt Boobie
would bring you a 10-cent
Golden Girl Sundrop and a 5-cent Hershey bar
as your prize for the prettiest kite in the sky?!

Remember the whole town enmasse turning out to greet the local, returning war hero?
Remember when Halloween jacko'lanterns were scary, instead of artistic,
or POLITICAL? And when your house was 'toilet papered',
it was an honor, instead of a felony?

Having $10.00 in your pocket was having a whale of a lotta money?

Thanksgiving meant much more than the Dallas Cowboys or Detroit Lions on TV, or
the start of hectic, obligatory 'Xmas' shopping for people whom you need to impress?

Don't even get me started, on what Christmas used to mean, please,
or we will never get finished here.....

Sleds? RED Sleds!! Fast, Wooden Sleds. An' waxed treads....
NO motors, needing only gravity, some snow, and the absence of friction.
and just like the jacko'lanterns, the more frightening, the better.
(Chapters 24-25, eh, maybe, Hatless?)

I don't personally remember these things, only stories I've heard;
but I hope for their return someday soon.

Remember Kites?, I again ask, as well as ask
you to add anything which
you fondly remember too, please,
from the times gone by that you cherish.

**The Calliope Rag midi, courtesy of the stupendous Perfesser Bill, natchurally.


crazy4danes said...

Great blog. We love flying kites! During the spring and summer we go to the local park a couple of times a month to fly them. What a simple, yet wonderful thing to do as a family! B really enjoys it! Dan and I have flown kites ever since we were just friends back in the day. I hope those simple pleasures don't get forgotten by all...

Oh and I still have my red sled from when I was a kid! B loves getting pulled behind it! :)

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

BobG said...

That tune reminds me of when I was a youngster in the late fifties; I could swear I've heard the tune on a carousel at Liberty Park in Salt Lake back then.

Father Gregori said...

I remember all those and more, and the Hershey Bars were Bigger back then and only cost a dime. Kite flying contests were something we held in March when it was really windy and we made our own.

Halloween,we played dunking for apples and there was plenty of fresh squeezed hot apple cider and fresh homemade doughnuts and candied apples, which we partook of after toilet papering neighbors houses. Back then, no children were abducted or molested, as we always went out in large groups. It would be great to have those days return

Father Gregori said...

Off topic; I always have turkey for Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving Day, I go to the home of one of my sons, and have turkey roasted with with different Vietnamese and Thai spices. Then on the following day, I go to my mothers and have a traditional turkey dinner, then on Saturday, my sons, their families, my mother and brothers come to my place where I roast the Turkey with Middle Eastern spices and everyone brings a dish to pass.

Christmas Day dinner is roast Duck, Peking style. New Years Day dinner is baked ham and all the fixings.

Then of course there is corned beef and cabbage with plenty of Irish beer to go around, and a delicious leg of lamb with mint jelly for Easter.

I gotta stop, I'm making myself hungry. May I wish you and Leti have a most happy, blessed and safe Thanksgiving, and good eating.

The Localmalcontent said...

Abouna, that's not Off Topic whatsoever!

Remembering family traditions where cherished ones come together, around a bountiful table, arranged with foods made with love and laughter is a great memory from times gone by.

The reason the Hunters (the inlaws) and I having ham and duck, is to make room in my freezer for venison.

Happy Practical Thanksgiving to All

Jungle Mom said...

MAN, I need to visit Father Gregori's family around the holidays!!!

The Localmalcontent said...

("Mass", being the operative word among all Catholics, JMom...) LOL

I agree, though. What are you serving there in Paraguay?

Guy S said...

ahhhh yes, had a "Flexible Flyer" sled...don't know where it ended up after all these to think my boys got it as we were close enough to home when they were of an age to use same. But even that was too many years past. Didn't have the "Sun Up", but do remember Dr Pepper for a dime. And yes, "tp-ing" back in the day, was "publicly grumbled about" but you knew in your heart, that you had achieved some sort of popularity if it was done to your house. Much like being tossed into the showers at high school by your fellow team mates (but not with out a fight). Rites of passage were a good thing and like many other (important) parts of childhood, are, thanks to PC falling by the wayside.

As for thanksgiving and other family get togethers/holiday feasts ... mmmmmmm if you didn't have to unbuckle your belt after eating, you were not done yet!!

And may all of you have a Thanksgiving full of remembrance, festiveness, food, family, and friends. (As for me I am working ... someone has to sell the hooch *grin* to the rest of ya)

Jungle Mom said...

We found two small turkeys. I baked one the traditional way but my husband cooked one on a grill as we got used to that flavor from cooking over fire in the jungle. Of course, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans slow cooked over night with fat back, sweet potato pie, stuffing, 7 layer salad, rolls, and a gazillion pies.
My daughter is coming over with her family and another American family who work for the US embassy here. They have 10 children.
Turkeys were hard to come by! One German grocer ordered a few from a farm out of town but only people who knew the 'password' could get one.
Very Mission Impossible!
the best was that the once a year American imports came in yesterday! So we have marshmallows for the sweet potato pie, and cheddar cheese for a cheese and cracker plate!!!!
Woo Hoo!!!
I would love to see you in your feathers!!! Maybe one day I'll put on all my beads and face paint and take a picture for the blog.My husband has a loin cloth but I doubt held let me post him in it...
Very Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

The Localmalcontent said...

Now that's the definition of a great Thanksgiving feast, Guy, needing to unbuckle your belt, hahaha. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well, sir~!

I'm sure we all had feasts, from Abouna to Gregor, from Angela to Prudie and McGehee, from hatless to JMom, and all you LMC others.

How can I be so sure?
From their writings, one can tell the devotion to America, to her best traditions, and to her heritages.
Leticia and her family have welcomed ugly ole me into their fold completely, and with much affection AND MUCH food.
*(the Choctaw way, I could add...)

We have so many countless blessings, each of us, all of us;
among mine are all you good friends. I took time out this afternoon to remember you as blessings for which to be thankful.