Monday, November 3, 2008

The Gnashing of Teeth

I still remain confident, though nervously, that Americans will do the proper thing tomorrow.
I have tomorrow, November 4, off and will focus on driving elderly friends to the polls in the Buffalo Valley area here, Talihina and Wilburton, Ok.

All the time, being in silent prayer that God's Will Be Done here.

Then tomorrow night, I'm spending time with Leticia and her family, watching the election results on their cable TV, and finalizing our wedding plans; a part of which could be continuing this Local Malcontent bloggie, should the worst case scenario occur.
What that means is, I will not want to have a venue like the LMC to vent my rage and astonishment at an ObMama administration after we are married, for marriage sake. I won't want to have to think about it anymore.
Or, this blog may just become a gardening and fishing blog exclusively.

After so many personal tragedies (Amos) and disappointments (Glenn) I've had this year,
the one thing I will not tolerate losing is Leticia, and so my focus may change soon.


Jungle Mom said...

Praying and waiting.
Of course, you will have to do what is best for your marriage :)
But at least keep us up to date occasionally!!!

Father Gregori said...

Ron, Once again, I am unable to send you any emails, so I have to answer you here:

We (my family and myself, including Munchkin) all feel the same way. It is a feeling of dread and utter sorrow.

I pray that the American people will come to their senses by the time they enter the poles tomorrow, but I don't think they will. Far too many people around here are so taken by Obama that they DON'T want to hear the truth. The more I hear about him, the worse the feeling gets. I am almost wishing that our military will stage a coup, but that to seems like wishful thinking.

Lets all just keep on praying.


Anonymous said...

I refuse to give up hope until the very end. Then, if I find the electorate has handed me a lemon, I'll pretend it's a lime and drink straight tequila.

The Localmalcontent said...

I've no idea what's up with my email,Abouna; but glad you found the way to communicate.

Something wrong with AT&T's end, I reckon;

crazy4danes said...

How wonderful of you to take your time off to help the elderly get to the polls. What a great service! I am so anxious I don't even know how long I can sit at the TV watching the polls come in! I truly hope that the American people voting today have said a prayer in their hearts before going and really LISTEN for the answer. God bless us all!

Good luck to you and your fiance with all the fun wedding plans! I truly hope things go well for you! Have a wonderful day! :)