Monday, November 17, 2008

Incongruous, Believe Me

Today's (Nov. 16, 2008) Sunday Oklahoman newspaper has a photo of a KKK rally and accompanying burning cross, on page 1, above the fold,
the headline asking "IS THE KKK MAKING A COMEBACK?"

The story associated with the photo taken in 1934 !!, poses the question of a resurgence of the Ku Klux Klan within Oklahoma's boundaries, since the election of Barack Obama. And quotes a man (who wears a BAD toupee) from Miami, Ok., hoping and praying and asking for tolerance. The story nevertheless, implies that anyone unsupportive of Barack Obama, or against illegal immigration, is a KKK racist candidate.

A foregone conclusion by this guy, and by this paper, of the KKK's comeback?

Sounds like it to me.

I will not and do not ever, EVER condone the actions or beliefs of the KKK, now or in the past.
To me they are shameful cowards, not unlike Muslim jihadis nowadays, threatening and imposing their misbegotten wills on the populace where these vermin are found. To me, they are an ignorant lot, and certainly to be pitied for their beliefs, and despised for their racist actions.
With that said, and meant, I am, like so many other conservatives around America, having trouble accepting Obama as our next elected executive officer.

But it is not because of his race, that I will never write the words "President" and "Obama" adjacent to each other on my bloggie here. No, it is because of his all-too clear ambition to take our nation and our unique Constitution into Socialist territory.

I will either call him by one of his several surnames, "Obama", or will call him "The Precedent", which he is by all accounts.
I had a great deal of personal trial, coming to grips with his election, not unlike all of you good and loyal readers.

I went into safe mode, for a week or so, trying to plumb the depths of my despair at his election.
I read all the "top shelf" bloggers congratulate Senator Obama on his election.
I was sick and vomited at some of the things I read.

The Local Malcontent can not, and will not congratulate Senator Obama on his election here.

For it was so very clearly achieved through voter fraud, and by ignorant voters in coastal cities and the deceitful, the criminal, the compliant news media in America. No one can convince me otherwise.
Congratulate Obama on buying that high office, based upon the evidence? I can not do that. He will not be my President. Period.
And, I've taken two weeks to formulate contingent plans for my wife and me, to try to save ourselves from the tyranny I foresee, coming to this land.

But let some eager, MSM reporter from the Daily Oklahoman interpret my words here, and I will be portrayed as the chief bedsheets sizer of the Oklahoma KKK.


BobG said...

Ya'at'eeh, as some of my Diné friends down in the Four Corners would say.

Sounds like the media is doing its usual job of hyping inconsequentials to try and sell papers. There are always going to be some hate-mongers out there, but there also seems to still be a big push from the media to equate non-disciples of Obama as all being racist. Too many people cannot see the difference between voting against a black man, or voting against a socialist who happens to be a black man.

"Why am I going to hate someone based solely on the color of their skin when if I get to know them I can find 1,000 other reasons to think they're an asshole?" - George Carlin

Father Gregori said...

My Friend, you have stated my feelings exactly in this post concerning Obama. Like you, I can NEVER call him "President". I did not vote for him and he does not represent my moral values in the slightest.

I have never known the Democrats to ever win an election honestly, at least not since J.F.K.

The Localmalcontent said...

Ya'at'eeh, ak'is, BobG.

Thank you for the gracious salute, friend; part Navajo, are you?
You are welcome here, to comment here anytime.

Very, very similar wavelengths, you and I, Father (Bishop) Gregori, and aparently, BobG as well.
But I must admit to an optimism, a failure, not to see the overpowering influence this empty shirt from Sudan/Chicago had on the sheeple, for about a year now.

You though, saw it and called it.

Anonymous said...

I have stated in both my blogs that Obama, until he botches up in office, will be referred to as "President-Elect Obama" (man, I STILL get a little vomit come up when I say that) or after the inaugural, "President Obama" (ditto). Why? Because I refuse to lower myself to the same level as the nitwits on the other side of the aisle. Those who dismissed President Bush out of hand, denigrating him (and the office) by calling him such things as "ChimpyMcHitler" and such.

Rest assured I feel Obama is at best "Jimmy Carter 2" and at worst the first full fledged (and if "we" are smart, the last) Marxist/Communist leader this country has ever had.

I find it sad that a large chunk of the GOP are willing to *work* with him purely based on "trying to get along" instead of adhering to what used to be the platform of the GOP, and fighting him (and his fellow travelers in Congress/the Senate) tooth and claw over every bit of socialistic legislation presented.

Keep your powder dry my friend, we are heading into some tough times ahead. I fear for your (and by extension, my sons) generation, you guys are gonna have it much rougher then I did at your age.

Guy S

BobG said...

No Diné in my family, I'm afraid; I just happen to have been around them quite a bit, and have picked up bits and pieces of a lot of languages from different cultures in my lifetime (I tend to hang out with the outsiders wherever I am). Supposedly my maternal grandad was partly of one of the tribes on the Arkansas-Oklahoma border, but I don't know which one.
I have also been around some Shoshoni and Lakota tribes, but not enough to pick up any of the languages.

The Localmalcontent said...

Haha, BobG..
"Supposedly my maternal grandad was partly of one of the tribes on the Arkansas-Oklahoma border...."

Welcome to the Chahta Nation, brother.
You might just be a RedNeck...
if, that.
-not George Carlin, but Jeff Foxworthy-.

Pastorius said...

I'm with Anonymous on this one.

Also, remember LM, the Conservatives spent their load on Clinton hatred/paranoia.

They are not to be believed.

I'm no fan of Obama, but I'm also no fan of spreading paranoia and hatred of every President who comes along.

As we are a nation of laws, voter fraud needs to be proven in court. If he won by voter fraud, then he is the third President in recent years to be accused of having won through such means.

If it is so easy to win through voter fraud, then there is something more deeply wrong with our country than one man named Obama.

I'm not saying I don't believe there was voter fraud committed on the Democrat side. I am saying, however, that I believe that neither side is above such means.

Love your blog. Thanks.