Friday, November 21, 2008

"JOBE" A Definite "WHATZIT? NO. 6

I've kept this enigmatic little video in my collection at YouTube for over a year now, waiting and wondering what to do with it. If you choose to view it, tell me please what you think it means.

Lately, I have come to think Jobe was me, before Leticia.


Anonymous said...

It's about a mind with nothing to learn, I think. However most such minds have chosen the prison and can choose to leave -- if only they remember how they got in there.

That's probably more philosophical than you were looking for.

Jungle Mom said...

What do I think???
I think I am REALLY glad you have Leticia now!

Jeffro said...

I think McGehee is right, only I might add that we all build walls - and it may be a prison to keep ourselves locked away from the world, or it may be to protect the world from ourselves at times, too.