Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Lords of The Plains, The Descendants of Crazy Horse
The Comanche Tribe of Oklahoma

I cannot tell you what a surprise I have had for the past four days~!
Very Pleasant, To Be Sure! "How time flies, ...." comes to mind.

My whirlwind activity of the last four days for me was really instructive, really touching, and Rrreeally busy.
The work involved was both strenuous (from my being new and lost on the scene) and tiring (the casinos were far larger than I'd been led to believe- even the Cherokee here don't have anything nearly as big to compare!),
but my free, off-time sure as heck made up for it.

I slept like a log everynight, on a motel mattress in fact. Wanna see my (log-) fungus?~!

The main point: I was the special guest of my new friend, Clement K., of the
Comanche Tribal Administration's Gaming office, at the Fall Comanche Pow-wow Tuesday night.

At first, and as usual, I was treated with suspicion by the Comanche elders and followers there. But gradually, I was made a friend, and made several friends there, even being allowed to chant/drum with the Comanche elders, the Lords of the Plains, and then finally, sit in with Clement and them in thier council, after their public ceremonies were done with.

All of which was spoken in the Comanche tongue, a bold language with many short, harsh, hard intonations for words, unlike the Choctaw tongue. But honestly, that's where the differences end. The Comanche elders, the Comanche people are some of the kindest, the most generous, the most welcoming people I have ever met.

And most certainly, I will visit them again.


Jungle Mom said...

That sounds wonderful.
"At first, and as usual, I was treated with suspicion by the Comanche elders and followers there."
That sounds like any tribe in Venezuela as well.

Father Gregori said...

Glad all went well and glad to see you back.

The Localmalcontent said...

It was a great time, to be sure--
I look forward to going back and visiting with Leticia and riding some horses with the experts.

hey, do I see a new icon for you, JMom?

Jungle Mom said...

Yep. Just attended the Marine Corp Birthday ball at the embassy and was inspired for a change of avatar.