Sunday, November 16, 2008

The name's Bond. Barack Bond.

Mark Steyn quotes 'James Bond' actor Daniel Craig on real world action heros:

"Obama would be the better Bond because—if he’s true to his word—he’d be willing to quite literally look the enemy in the eye and go toe-to-toe with them. McCain, because of his long service and experience, would probably be a better M,’ he adds, mentioning Bond’s boss, played by Dame Judi Dench. ‘There is, come to think of it, a kind of Judi Dench quality to McCain."

Oh, great. John McCain has survived plane crashes, just like Roger Moore in Octopussy. He has escaped death in shipboard infernos, just like Sean Connery in Thunderball. He has endured torture day after day, month after month, without end, just like Pierce Brosnan in the title sequence of Die Another Day. He has done everything 007 has done except get lowered into a shark tank and (as far as we know) bed Britt Ekland and Jill St John.

And yet Daniel Craig gives him the desk job. [T]he passive campus yakker for Bond, the naval pilot POW for desk-jockey. That’s it in a nutshell: Culture-wise, conservatives are only up for the supporting role.

That's because, Mr. Steyn, America has become a timid country, even afraid of shadows.
Whose majority of electors are mostly coastal city dwelling scardie-cats.
I'm putting it nicely there, of course, in order to keep the shadows away.

Not sure here, if the James Bond films genre would have been as successful over these decades, had a passive, hand-wringing, big-promises-but-no-action hero was involved.
I'm at a loss to think of even one film in which such a "action-less hero" exists.


ClevelandVet said...

Do not go knocking Bugs Bunny, as some non action hero. Don't go there.

Bugs Bunny is not Barack Obama.

Jungle Mom said...

Great comparisons you pointed out. And I agree, don't knock Bugs!

The Localmalcontent said...

Ok, ok, I stand corrected (wabbit season!). Bugs Bunny was a poor choice for me to associate with actionless heroes.

Heyyah, ClevelandVet, it has been a long time since you commented here at the LMC. I hope that all is very well with you~! Thanks for stopping by again, sir/ma'am.