Saturday, November 1, 2008

The New (Butter) Face of American Slavery

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One year ago yesterday, I was earning more than I deserved, some $42,000+ per year as a miniscule, Indian Casino manager.

Happy as a "Clam in Warm water", I'd tell folks.

Today (after a needed raise), I make $31,480.00 per year and am grateful as all gitout, for it. I expect to net about 27,400 or so, after taxes this year.

However, future President Barry Huss Obama is not satisfied with my "donations" to the all mighty gov'ment, and with my patriotism. OR With Yours.
Reparationas are in order, for us all, in an Obama administration.

Obamorgasmic with anticipation of installing higher taxes upon us all, the Democrat candidate Obama NOW says that "If you don't want higher taxes, then you are selfish." And his VP running mate, the effusive Joe Biden, D-Windbag, is on record as saying that "higher taxes are 'patriotic'.

IFF the Democrats belive in money, in salaries and wages so much, why don't they INSIST upon a substantial minimum wage hike in their presidential/congressional rhetoric? Please! Explain that to me.
If a Minimum Wage of $6.55 is not good, then why not raise the minimum to $8.00 per hour?

And if $8.00 is good, then why now a minimum wage of $10.00? Wouldn't that be better??!

Why not a Minimum Wage of $20 bucks an hour for everyone? HEY Democrats, wanna win an election? Wanna win every election? Just Promise a Minimum Wage level of $25.00 an hour~!
And see where that goes.~. Nowhere, fast. IT would destroy American business...

Let's Look at this matter of building wealth, of salary from the other way 'round, shall we?
I have good friend who makes $2,500.00 per week, working hard on gas and oil rigs here in Oklahoma and in this region.

To Senator Oblama, to a dangerous President Oblama, that is still worth taxing at a higher rate than presently, because on a yearly basis, Sam earns ONLY $130,000 per year, above the ceiling earning of $93,000 for Social Security withholding. His taxers are capped at such a low level after all. He is rich and should be taxed more, he works hard for his money, and should be taxed more than someone who chooses to uh, not work as hard or as smart, or at all, for themselves by comparasion.

Sam needs, Sam deserves, Sam ought to be willing to part with more of his hard-earned salary, to help some lazy buzzard in Chicago who won't get outta his Lazy boy to earn $6.00 an hour.
OH. Did I mention that Sam has lost two fingers already at his job in the oil field to you, Senator Dipstick, D-Illinois?

who don't choose to work as hard, or as dedicated. OR WHILE STANDING, CLOTHED.

Like my friend, 8-fingered Sam, or like me, the Local Malcontent. Or like millions and millions of other hard working Americans.

YOU, Mr. Obama, are calling for a kind of FINANCIAL SLAVERY, aren't you, on all American workers above a certain work, a certain education level, and pay scale?

on the HARD WORKING, SMART WORKING CLASS, to fund, to tax, to assist the rest of the lazy-assed people in America, AREN'T YOU, AND ALL THE DEMOCRATS in power now?~!~!!!!
You, Mr. Obama, do NOT derive your African roots from a slave here; but from a half-Negro, half Muslim slave trader/trapper Kenyan instead, do you not?

Doesn't the Kenyan government list you, Sir, as being 1/2 White, 1/4 Black and 1/4 Arab, and born there, also?
What does your birth certificate say, dude?


Christopher Willis said...

I absentee voted on Friday because we are leaving Durant to head to Florida on Monday.
Gonna go and punch that Chad person that tried to mess up the 2000 presidential election.

I lied to my mother yesterday and told her that I voted for the Obamanation of desolation. I am out of the will and she prayed and had my eternal security revoked. Shouldn't lie to our mothers and cause them to sin.

We don't look to men to meet our needs and we don't put our faith in princes - or the Gubermint. The earth dwellers do that.

The heaven lies is the location of the believer's position in Christ. Thus, the believer shares the victory of Christ. The result is daily victory in the believer's life. Ephesians 2:6.

Your brother, Christopher

crazy4danes said...

WOW! Great post! I can't wait until the election is over...I have anxiety 24/7!!! :S

Prudie said...

Oy. I read somewhere (I can't remember where) that most black people in the US today don't have slave ancestry. Which kinda puts a kink in the whole reparations issue.

The Localmalcontent said...

Have a safe journey and good time, Mr. Willis!

Hurry home.

I love all your comments.

The Localmalcontent said...

I would tend to doubt that stat, perhaps since I so often hear the "I've got a little Indian in me, too........." comment so often.
I bite my tongue on the usual response to that comment... (Well, let him out!)

But either or. My question to Blacks remains, "Why not instead prove how far you personally have come away from the slave ancestry, with personal success?"
By hoping for reparations in some form, a slave ancestor only is expecting something for nothing.

Indians for the most part, do not do that.