Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Post No. 687

Dear Diary,
Had a pretty good day today- overall. Windy and cool.
Audited the due east casinos (3) for regulars, everything good;
everywhere I went, everyone was talking about the national election.
The verdict, based upon what I heard?
Over 30 to 1. Hated It. Feared It.

I looked at the website today, early on with breakfast.
I think I will become a member and receive ten free live trees, 2-3 feet tall,
with my application and (naturally) $10.00. As if I need more trees-- LOL~!
But I dearly need some relief, and some deliverance- and they offer free
delivery of the trees (with my paid subscription).

They have a good selection of sugar and silver maples and azaleas at their site,
so why not add some real color around here?
Especially along the west side of the place, where I'm vulnerable, uh, er,
I mean exposed to the late afternoon sun, and the nearby highway.

I need to have my truck's brake pads replaced and drums turned soon.

Ran into Darnell and Lloyd late this afternoon- walking to the beer store of course.
Yeah, I gave them a ride there. Then back to their "house".
He showed my his new, little dog, a pit bull mix named "Kalija".
Kalija has the mange.
I was invited inside to share a beer with them, and I appreciated that
offer from Darnell, but "No, thanks," I just wanted to come home myself for just now.
I still hear some bad things about Darnell, when he's drinking....

But I also think that I will give him some my old furniture, and a spare
microwave oven for his place. If he will accept it.
I think I'll invite him to come to Sunday worship with me, see what he says.

Good/Bad stuff:
The DJ Average only lost 5% today, dropping a mere 486 points.
Now, as it stands, I've worked for the past 5.1 years, free of investment savings.
Pretty soon, I can look forward to selling beer at the beer store part time,
to Darnell, to make ends meet.

The world is somehow different today.
Everything looks the same, but feels very unsure,
somewhat altered forever.


Hatless in Hattiesburg said...

just last week a 486 point drop would be news. now, not so much.

i'm glad our happiness does not derive from wall street or washington.

Jungle Mom said...

But God is still on the we get the last laugh!
I see people doing exactly what I saw when Chavez took office. As one begins to feel their 'pursuit of happiness' threatened, one pulls the emotional wagons in a circle and focuses on the things we can control and the people we can trust and love.
I think you should get the trees, they will make you happy and give you something to look at.

Jungle Mom said...

Did I really use a 'cowboy analogy' on an indian????

Anonymous said...

I'll only quibble with one thing, JM: we never get the last laugh, because none of us knows for sure about His plan.

The best we can hope for is that when He gets the last laugh, He laughs with us and not at us.

Anonymous said...

I am willing to bet we have, as a nation, reached a crossroad and made a choice. Wither it is the correct one ... only time will tell Sometimes even that which on the face of it appears very wrong, is in fact the correct choice. Don't misunderstand me, I think our president elect has the potential to be very bad for this country, perhaps even being the last president we might ever elect. But I have faith that be it fate, the deity of your choice, or the great God Almighty, this may be just a case of America having to swallow some bitter medicine in order to end up even stronger then before. (Man, I hope this is the case, or we are well and truly hosed!)


Father Gregori said...

I to feel very apprehensive about the future of the U.S., and I get extremely angry when I hear T.V. pundits say that Obama was elected fair and square, because this election was anything but fair for any number of reasons that I have already stated in a couple of posts on my blog, and I still stick to my stand that I will not refer to him as president because to do so will mean that I will have to lower my moral standards.

Now onto another subject, your emails:

I have tried to email you using my gmail, hotmail and accounts and they all keep coming back to me, even if I reply to an email you send me, it bounces back.

The following is the message I keep getting:

"This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

your email address (* see note below)

Technical details of permanent failure:
Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the recipient domain. We recommend contacting the other email provider for further information about the cause of this error. The error that the other server returned was: 553 553 5.3.0 your email address... Addressee unknown, relay=[] (state 17)."

*NOTE: I cannot even place your full email address into this comment because it keeps getting rejected.