Saturday, November 8, 2008

Post Number 689: Life Goes On

So Gladiolus that it does, too. I'm immersed in Scott Joplin music
nonstop, this weekend,
in an effort to heal my spirit in light of recent and substantial disappointments.

Therefore, by insistent, internal demand, here again is Andy Koehler, please enjoy:

I have ceased wondering why it is, that the music composed by American great, Scott Joplin, thrills my soul so.
I just know that it does. Whether it is a well-remembered strain from 'The Favorite', or my alltime favorite rag "The Pine Apple', or the hauntingly moving 'Solace', Joplin's music is the cure-all for my lacking spirit and mind.
And today, I'm finding some considerable inspiration from one of Joplin's lesser known pieces, 'Bink's Waltz' (YES, a Waltz).
Played here, by Philip Dyson at the recent 2008 Joplin Festival in Sedalia, Missouri.

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gregor said...

Wonderful performances. It's always nice to hear Joplin's works played in true rag tempo, rather than being blazed through like the house is on fire.