Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Three New Great Blog Strands to Braid Together

I have noted the recent comments of two other, new blogs, new voices coming by the LMC here. Now having read them, I am pleased to add them to my blogroll, off to the 'right' of course.
I'd like to ask my usual readers to please check them out, to comment on their unique insights there.

BobG's 'Near the Salty City' is a Libertarian site, where he describes himself as "A work in progress; moderately libertarian, non-religious, firearms enthusiast," and has lived in Utah for most of his life. BobG has a good, impressive bloglist himself, there too.

Speaking of "salty", the other "new" blogger is an old friend and U.S. Navy veteran of mine,
and fellow Get-Offa-My-Lawn Party
delegate, Guy S.
His new blog is Col. McCormick's Spin. Who is Colonel McCormick?
You just have to go there, to find out. worth it-- trust me.
His older, Dot-net blog is still operating too, namely Snugg Harbor.

Guy is a Chicago Cubs fan, and that is unfortunate )LOL( , but I still welcome him back into the great blogs which I look forward to reading daily.
If a Cardinals fan and a Cubs fan can come together solidly, then anything is possible.

I admire Guy for withstanding the ill winds, and staying the course, totally on tack against the coming American storm. His is tried and true American wisdom, forged by his service to us.
I like the cut of his jib, likewise.

The third blogger I wish to welcome (back) is Abouna, Father now Bishop, Gregori, of the American Orthodox Catholic Church. You'll probably remember his other bloggies, "From the Mind of Abouna", and then "Hitting Another Brick Wall", both of which were attacked and brought down by Liberal, fair-minded, equal opportunity free speech advocates.
One of Abouna's last blog posts at his old site was how he had been denied becoming a Bishop within the American Orthodox Catholic Church, thanks to two questionable men in New Mexico, who held higher posts within his church's leadership.
But that has changed now, and I'm very, very pleased to be the first to announce that Father Gregori, Abouna, is now Bishop Gregori, consecrated as a holy Bishop, finally by the St. Basil's Missionary Orthodox Catholic Church, in Syacuse, N.Y, on November 1, 2008.
The two of us spoke by telephone one night, when Abouna unloaded the whole, distasteful truth, and stated his fears of being excommunicated by them, and his congregation as well: None of which, the complaints nor the delays were any of his own doing or design.
Anyway, his newest and best blogsite is Unidentified Avenger, and has been in my blogroll since it's beginning.
Why he won't toot his own horn, in celebration of his "Bishophoodismness", is not my place to question. Haha

But please consider looking in on these good men's simple blogs, and also adding them to your own blogrolls; because inspiration
can come for your better life from anywhere, from small voices, as you may know.

These great American men prove that.
Three New Blog Strands to Braid Together


Father Gregori said...

Once again, thank you for you kind words and sentiments. I shall surly check out the other two blog sites.

Guy S said...

Thank you sir for your more then kind words may I be worthy of your praise! And going along with what the good father said above (and how does one properly address a Bishop? ... "Your Eminence"?? He sounds (writes) like a man of strong passions in what he believes in. Will be looking at the other two sites as well.

As for the Cubs ... (!@#_$@_)#$-2 Doesn't begin to describe my feelings about them at the moment. Much like the future occupant of the White House, the Cubs seem to have taken page from the worst of their past (1969 ring any bells??) and with slight modifications repeated same. It would seem Hope and Change didn't work for us either *grin*.

BobG said...

Thanks for the link and the kind words.

crazy4danes said...

Awesome! I love checking out new blogs, and I think it's nice that one of them is a fellow Utahn! :)

Thanks for the links and I will definitely check them out! Hope all is well with you! :)

The Localmalcontent said...

Yeah, one of these characters is a Utahian, uh, a Utanarian...
a U-know, instate guy to you, Angela. You all probably know each other, doncha!??