Saturday, December 13, 2008

The News, Weather and Sports

I have a little time before my next (Saturday morning) appointment, that one with the Pushmataha County rapid response team... to blog a little.
Been a while, eh?? "Little" being the operative word, there.

Precedent-elect Obama and the Democrats are now proposing a more than One Trillion dollar bailout, of everything from the banks, the automakers and the screen actors' guild, to entire states like California and you can bet that Illinois is in the mix somewhere, too.

Projections are that unemployment will soon be at 9% or more (or MORE) in this country.
A 'nine-percent' level will just be the beginning, friends. With everyone and every company on government sponsored welfare, why desire a job where you have to actually work?

The shining light at the end of this awful tunnel could be truly wonderous, if so--
*The Main stream media might finally pull it's collective heads out of you-know-where, and begin reporting and investigating.
*The Democratic party could finally be seen as the slave-making and owning, poverty party that it has always, always been.
*When the average Democrat in America begins to see, that he/she can no longer afford the things they once enjoyed, because they now have mandated healthcare taxes and costs, as well as far higher taxes ((WHO HAS THE POWER TO TAX, Ask yourselves. The President? or Congress?)), then a revolt or a revolution or a return to tried and true Conservative ideas, policies will take place in America.
Around 2019. If we're all still around to see it.

And now a commercial from "Wild Rod's Used Cars"
(Wild Rod: "I'd like to sell YOU a Senate Seat!!
+^&^&*%, I meant 'CAR!!'".)

*** *** ***

And now the weather, with Wayne E. Snow.
Everyone around these parts remembers very well, the big (no, HUGE)
ice storm of 2000-2001.
An identical weather pattern is shaping up now, to hit this area next week, from Monday to Thursday. Everyone I talk with is worried; Choctaw families and deer hunters know these patterns best of all, and all are glum about the forecast next week, around here.
Part of the problem, if normal weather patterns can be called 'problem', is that cold and wet blasts from Siberia have reached so far south, so early on this year. Accumulated snow in southern Texas, and New Orleans, Louisiana alreready this week,

are a harbinger of a harsh winter, here in Southeast Oklahoma, the new Western Nebraska.

And now a word from Our Sponsors:
1) God Hasn't Forgotten about You, and Wants to Talk With You Very Soon.
2) "What's In Your Wallet?", Democrat Ba,,ck.H.O. asks.
Nothing at all, Just this Pink Slip.
*** *** ***

The University of Oklahoma Sooners are playing for the national championship.
Sports commentators on the radio, on the Internet, and on TV, are all trying to give advice to the University of Florida Gators' coaches on how to stop the high scoring offense of the Sooners.

Unpresidented, this amount of hostile, futile, unrequested assistance from arm chair and Monday morning quarterbacks, who've likely never played or coached a game.
The University of Texas Longhorns settle down, and will play Ohio State in the Fiesta Bowl. A good game probably, and a winner for the 'Horns, as their consolation prize for being the No. 1 crybabies this season.
Thank you again, Michael Crabtree, WR, Texas Tech University!!!

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