Friday, December 12, 2008

Too Close for Comfort

Again a guest post, by guest host hatless in hattiesburg , (who has my deepest thanks, BTW). I just don't have the time just now for much more than cut and paste~.
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Seems that I ran out of ideas to post at the wrong time. But I did find something else interesting...
from ni3blagh:
"I have discovered something: I am bored. Or rather, at least I find myself filled with discontent.
I am displeased with the lack of living in my life as of late...

My insatiable and ridiculous mind has discovered that it's curious about materials- how they work with each other, and how things change under differing conditions. It's already infatuated with sound and how that works and changes, it loves industrial things, smell, writing and language, circuits and computers, art, geology and comics.

But I'm still numb. Maybe I'm still recovering from summer.

Things are actually good, odd numbness aside. My friends are awesome, school's going well, etc. I do not like the icy wind that occasionally happens, but whatever. God hasn't gone away (would he? really now, that's quite unlike him). But, to quote Anberlin, "I want to live inspired/I want to die for something.. I want to live on fire/I want to die for something higher than myself..." And I haven't been living to my full potential, not even close. And it hurts to realize this...

It's also really awkward to be not quite a scientist/geek type, and not quite an artist. This has been a great source of frustration- just what the heck AM I? I'm not quite sure. The other day I baffled a friend of mine by declaring one of the words to describe Gavin deGraw's voice was "green." Not "untrained" green, but the color/sensation of green. This was really confusing to my friend, but he was pretty insistant that God had good reason for wiring me the way I've been wired...

There's also been this itch to know/see who I'm going to become, and I've been needing to remember that it's a process. We'll see what happens.
And now I'm out of things to say.

"Let me drown in an ocean of devotion
Let my joy be in service and love my emotion
Let me be closer than your right hand
Tighter than your left hand and let me be a Godly man
'til the day I die, 'til the fire's just smoke
I will go for broke 'til my last word's spoke
If I limp then I will run with a limp
I'll win some and lose some, but I'll make my attempt..."

Wow. More than I can say, at this time.

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