Monday, December 22, 2008

Wedding/Marriage Advice From A Wonderful Mom

A guest post by my sweet friend, the Jungle Mom (in the city now), though her tireless,
and good Christian works go on in Paraguay.

I may have gotten those adjectives "guest" and "sweet", reversed;
either way she is one great lady, such a good friend of mine and one of God's Angels, truly.
This will be the final LMC post of the year, until mid-January or later.
And it couldn't come from a better, or a kinder person.

My most special and honored thanks to Abouna, JMom and hatless in hattiesburg, for helping me with content here on my bloggie.
Soon to be "our bloggie". There could be a name change....

A Merry Christmas, and A Very Happy, Prosperous New Year to you all~!!
Thank you, JMom, and all you kind readers, friends, contributors here,

for you best wishes for my marriage~!!
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A blogging friend of mine is about to tie the knot! Due to the upcoming event he does not have the time to post on his blog and has invited me to do a guest post. I thought that I might be able to share some of the things which I have learned from 25 years of marriage.

Some things I am still learning or still trying to put into practice because a marriage is living thing that is ever growing and changing and we must be aware of this if we wish to maintain a successful and happy marital life.And so I dedicate this to my online friend, The Local Malcontent, and his soon to be bride.

I have to admit the fact that he is 100% Choctaw does give him a special place in my heart. (So is Leticia, a full Choctaw)

The most important factors in a successful marriage are love and respect. These sound like easy attributes to incorporate into a relationship, but those of us who have been married know that at times it is not easy to put them into practice. There is an excellent book by this same title,'Love and Respect' which I would recommend every married couple read together. I usually give this as a wedding gift to newly married couples because it has such an impact on the marriage when implemented.
But for now I want to address the subject of communication.

No relationship can survive poor communication and the marriage relationship is dependent upon it in an even greater way than other relationships. It is vital to the survival of the marriage.Preparing for a marriage which will be rich and satisfying in love requires that you understand the need for communication between the two of you. . You will never be able to develop a relationship like God would desire for you, if you do not have effective communication with each other.You might consider communication to be the very heart of your relationship. In the human body, if there is a problem with the heart, the whole body will suffer. In the marriage relationship, if there is a problem with the communication, the entire marriage will suffer the consequences. Communication problems are almost always the root of more visible and serious marital problems. Lack of communication, or poor communication, will cause the marriage to malfunction and will result in disaster.Without proper communication many ugly things can come about.

Things are left unsaid, we assume the wrong ideas, there will be conflicts and confusion. Personal problems will surface and become obstacles in the relationship, unwise decisions will be made and you may be tempted to look for satisfaction elsewhere because of this lack in the relationship.Without a doubt, good ,effective communication is vital to your marriage.

Without the intimacy of communication your marriage will be limited and lack the beauty which God intended for you both to experience in this institution created for our happiness. You may think that so far you have been doing a fine job at communicating well with one another and have no need to better this area. I am sure that you both talk to each other about everything in an open and loving way. Hopefully, you have been able to share your thoughts and feelings with one another in all honesty. You may respond appropriately and even know how to disagree with one another with a respectful attitude causing no hurt to the other. You are able to discuss with out personal attacks. Your conversations are edifying and bring you closer to one another.If this is how you describe your relationship, you are fortunate. You already have a strong foundation on which to build a successful marriage because effective communication is vital for developing a really good marriage. Keep up the good work and never stop working at it!

Unfortunately , over the years we have had the opportunity to work with many married couples who have come to us after the wedding and felt deceived or disappointed. They will explain that they use to talk about everything together, plan together, listened to one another, but things have changed. They do not understand what is the problem with their relationship and are rightly alarmed.

This causes us to realize that one of two things has happened. First, perhaps they were wrong and their previous communication was not as effective as they had thought. New love does cause us all to be idealist. Or secondly, perhaps they let down their guard and were not diligent in maintaining the lines of communication open after the wedding. No one sats out to do this but life is busy and it can easily happen in any marriage.

For whatever reason, the damage is the same. Distance develops between the couple. Emotional and physical intimacy is lost.

So even if your communication is excellent right now, remember to work at it and never take it for granted. It is always possible to make something better than it already is.Communication is so important, I can not cover the material in one writing. So now, you have your work cut out for you! Remember communication is not just words, not just verbal. Facial expressions, the way you respond, your laughter, body language, how you spend your time and what you spend time doing are all methods of communication .

Whether you realize it or not, you are always communicating something. Your mannerisms often speak louder than your words. Actually, if there is a contradiction between your words and your comportment, people will often put more value on the message expressed through body language rather than the words they hear. Make yourself alert to your mannerisms and be conscience of the signals you are sending. You can communicate love and respect or you can tear down and destroy a relationship through poor communication.

Ephesians 4:29-30 (King James Version)
29Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers.
30And grieve not the holy Spirit of God, whereby ye are sealed unto the day of redemption.

And now, a bit of homework for the two of you! (I am afterall a home school mom!)
Here is a list for you to use in order to evaluate your communication skills.
Rate yourself with Excellent, Good, Average, or Poor as to how well you communicate in each area.

1) Spiritual things ( church, service to others, devotional time)
2) Details of events and activities
3) Ideas, opinions
4) Desires, worries, interests
5) Feelings and emotions
6) Plans, goals
7) Expectations and aspirations
8) Finances
9) Work
10) Family matters
11) Dreams ( not the same as desires or goals!)
12) Sex
13) Friends
14) Recreation/Sports
15) Problems/ failures
16) Victories/accomplishments
17) Everyday happenings
18) What you are reading or studying
19) Television, movies, music

List 10 ways to communicate non verbally!


Most Rev. Gregori said...

Most excellent post on marriage. JMom has it absolutely right.

To the New Mr. & Mrs. Localmalcontent, May our heavenly Father grant you both many years.

Have a very joyous Christmas and I will see you in the New Year.

God Bless,

"Abouna" & 'Munchkin'

BobG said...

Best wishes for your upcoming marriage, and I hope your holiday season is a good one.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Dear LM,

May your marriage be blessed and I hope your new year is full of joy and many wonders.

I've enjoyed your blog in the past and look forward to whatever its new format or name will be.

crazy4danes said...

Wonderful post Jungle Mom! I love all of your posts and it's so great that you volunteered to to a guest post for our dear friend LMC! Your insight is inspiring. :)

Good luck to LMC and I hope all goes well for your wedding! Best of wishes and love!

~The Riddles :)