Sunday, December 14, 2008

"You have a Security Problem"::

~on top everything else

Remember watching the episode of "Star Trek- The Next Generation", where Dr. Redhead was the only one left on the Enterprise, becoming the Captain, as people she knew totally disappeared, and as the universe shrunk around the ship?

That is what is happening to me right now. I presently cannot access my homepage.
That says it all, since from there, I access everything else. Even references to 'Star Trek' to secure the proper names of the Doctor character, whom I oughtta reme*ber instantly.
The universe is closing in on *e.

Yesterday, I discovered that I have not one but three Trojan spyware bugs on my co*puter, and so I'* deli*erately not e*ailing any of you friends, out of fear of spreading the *lasted thing. this is *y so*ewhat co*ical way of announcing this to you *riends. *or it has see*ed to take over s*all parts of my co*puter graduall*.

And I won't trans*er this trojan to an* o* *ou, i* I can help it. so no e*ails, either, *or awhile.

I can't even post an i*age or a photograph here right no*.

The Local *alcontent. I a* O**iciall*, O**line


Anonymous said...

Beverly Crusher.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Perhaps it is time to make your computer an offer it can't refuse. Show it who's boss.

Beat Slot Machines said...

Number will not pass!