Sunday, January 25, 2009

Beggars, at The Intersection of
Wall Street and Pennsylvania Avenue

(Click graph, to embiggen)

One year ago, the Dow Jones Industrial Average
stood at 12,271.
Last Friday, the DJIA stood at 8,077.

Interesting points along this one-year graph, include:
*May 19, 2008, when Democratic candidate BarryHuss Obama declared that "he would be the Democratic Nominee for the Presidency".
*Mid-June, 2008, when Hillary Clinton admitted defeat in her presidential ambitions, and endorsed Senator 0bama.
*October 1, 2008, when the first 700 Billion dollar bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac was (only) proposed.
*November 4, 2008, a relative high for the Dow.
*November 5, 2008, the Dow drops below 9,000.
*November 18, 2008, reaction to President-elect 0bama's nomination for Secretary of the Treasury, Timothy Geithner.

*UNHappy 2009~!
Watch, as the coming socialist-leaning government reduces our 401-K's,
to become 0.14-K's!!
The Dow will fall below 8,000 points, early this coming week.

How low will it go!? My guess is, to >4,000 points;
or to a point it inhabited around 1984. "Ironically."


Most Rev. Gregori said...

That loud crash you just heard is the sound of the stock market crashing.

I still believe that this whole financial mess was planned. Boy have we been had big time.

I liked your analysis of my blog, and conservatives of all races better prepare for a battle if they wish to save our country.

ABNPOPPA said...

Good Evening LocalMal,

Thought I would take you up on your invitation to stop by and chat. Nice blog. It's a little tacky to ask but your profile says you are a tax guy and work for Indian Gaming. Is that correct? I don't want to get into it with a tax guy, you could cause me a lot of grief.

You say you are Choctaw from Quachita, Oklahoma am I reading that right?

Had the chance to visit Oklahoma in August of 2007. Fort Sill, My son went to basic and AIT there and we went to his graduation. Got to tell you we loved the area. I would imagine you hear that all the time from Easteners. I would like to go back and spend a couple of weeks there. Is Quachita anyways close to Fort Sill?

Well here I am. You seem to take my comments @ Most Rev. Gregori quite personal. I assure you no offense was meant although I do believe we sometimes become a little overly PC.

Looking at your blog I would say we stand on common ground. I support Israel, not real fond of liberals and have a great deal of respect for my hertiage the same as you. As a matter of fact I have always felt many Americans know more about Europe and other countries than they do about their own. Would you agree with that?

So what's up with the comments? Like you indicate, if you can't run with the big dogs, stay on the porch! So I'm here.

Looking to see you at my blog,

Have a good week, and by the way

They just call me Pops

The Localmalcontent said...

Hi, Pops~! and welcome to the LMC.
I was always assured that we were on 'common ground', but only felt like you misread my comments to infer that I was a Lib.
May G-d forbid! Liberalism IS a mental disease!

Thanks for the compliments-
and Yeah, I not only say that I'm Choctaw, I AM.
Full Blood, sir.

Yes, I work for the Oklahoma Tax Commission, an Autitor II, auditing some 16 area casinos bi-weekly.
Before that, I was a floor manager of the Choctaw Indian Casino, in McAlester, Ok. (which now, I audit)
And before that even, worked as a Contract specialist with the BIA.
And before that, at a convenience store in Norman, Ok. LOL!

No, Pops, not "Quachita":
Ouachita. As in the mountains by the same name, here in southeast Ok. and western Arkansas.
My new bride, Leticia and I live in a burg named Yanush, on the north bank of Sardis Lake.

But everything else, you got right!
Come by anytime, friend, dive into my archives if you like,
and I'll do the same at your place.

Oh, friends call me "Mal", or "LMC".

The Localmalcontent said...

Pops, one more thing which I'd like to invite you to try:

In my bloggie's RIGHT column, is a contest, a real contest with a real prize. The winner will be announced soon, and my wife and I will donate $150.00 to the winner's favorite charity, as long as it isn't hamas or hizbollah... LOL.

Clik on the picture of "The Monkees", or just beneath it, to enter there. and Good Luck.
NOW- would a Lib. do that???

ABNPOPPA said...

Whew! your postings make me feel better. I thought I had a tiger by the tail. Off to work at the world's largest retailer for now but will get back on later. Semi retired and this keeps me from doing a lot of those "honey do" projects. Plus I get to BS a few liberals and drive them nuts.

Nice to meet you Mal,
Like I said, they just call me Pops

The Localmalcontent said...

Abouna- 100% agreed.

It's just difficult for me to foresee a Black leader, of this or any nation, being able to alter racial perceptions on such a dramatic scale.
For to do so, is/was SO anathema to what Liberals want to achieve:
"equality" for everyone.

He, the big 0, can't dare to tread that deep, before his base realizes that he is a maniac.
Can he?