Thursday, January 8, 2009

From Surfside to Yanush:
We're Back Home

Hello, remember us?
Leticia, my wife and I are back home after our Miami Beach honeymoon!!
We arrived back home here in good ole', comfortable Yanush at 7 o'clock last night, from our nine-day trip to South Beach; staying in compact and relaxed Surfside, Florida those pristine and full days.
**What I can't begin to understand is why I'm now such a changed man, but Leti is still the same awesome, stoic woman she's always been--

Our time together there was just spectacular: We sunned ourselves on the beaches, ate, shopped, and talked with local Jews, Germans, and Cubans (an odd mix?) mostly at Flanagan's restaurant, rode jet-skis on the deep, blue Atlantic, toured an alligator farm, and went on a daytrip, deep-sea fishing trip some 16 miles off America's coastline: (I admit, here and now, to being scared silly wayout there) I hauled in two Marlins, total weight 101.5 pounds, and a 18#Tiger shark which was the most fun (Heh, do I know stinkbaits or what?!): Leticia herself reeled in a 32-pound Marlin and that was enough for her. She and the two other women on board became the cheerleaders for us four guys fishing.
Then we spent two hours under that boat's hull huddled close and cold coming back to port.

Over last weekend, we drove down to Key West for two days/nights, but it was all cloudy both days. There, I gave in and checked my emails through a really cool dude, 'Grant', at the front desk of the Islander Bed and Breakfast where we stayed, who let me borrow his laptop, looking in on the Israeli/Hamas conflict news, I confess.

While Leticia luxuriated with a massage that evening, old-habits-are-hard-to-break for me, I also looked in on the LMC bloggie here, and chimed in at a couple of websites, where I got into a dispute with another commenter.

Are you sitting down?? Because I argued AGAINST calling Precedent elect Obama a 'monkey'. NO Joke.

Well, the idiot I argued with at Hot Air dot Com was a total one, and so~
(( side note- Thanks, Kini, for your kind & wise assistance that night, at HotAir))

I'm a changed man. BUT NOT THAT changed.

When we got back to Miami on Monday, the OU Sooners football team was staying just down the beach from where we stayed and played, and I got to talk 'ball with some of the players Tuesday about Texas' Fiesta Bowl close 3-point win, on the beach in front of their Fontainbleu Hotel.
I made a direct point to try and locate fellow Okie, Cherokee quarterback Sam Bradford, but I could not; Later, we saw him being interviewed by ESPN or FOX, at that hotel's poolside, under close security guard.

Speaking of swimming pools, I also have to thank the staff at our Sheraton/Bal Harbor Resort for their total, conscientious and very sweet service. Leti lost a diamond earring in our/their pool, and upon notifying security, they promptly got a staffer who is a diver to retrieve her earring for us.

How 'bout that~!!
KUDOS, and Highly Recommended Resort/Hotel!!

anyways, exhaling here,
Happy to be home here in chilly Oklahoma now, and back to work today, too, the two of us.
That's all from me-;

the rest of this post is by my wife, Mrs. Lovely Malcontent.

Hi to you all. Thank you for being my Ron's friends on his blog here. Ron, or the Local Malcontent has tole me about some of you, aned I think we all could be friends. I don't know exactly what to say here, but that I have not ever been so happy in all my life as I am now. This is all real new to me, and I do not like politics or the that talk.
I just like being me and the little world that now ron and I live in. AS I get to know all of you friends I will tell you some more about me and tell me more about yourselves too.
Our honeymoon was evertything I wanted it to be and such a lot more. We had a wonderful time in Florida, maybe we will go back some day, but he's right saying he's scared of the ocean. I am so lucky and blessed to marry Ron. Your friend,


gregor said...

Welcome back! I'm so happy for the two of you! Sounds like you had a wonderful time in Florida. One of these days, Mrs. SOG and I are going to go on our honeymoon, when we got married on a Sunday, we took the following Monday off, when shopping for furniture and then went back to work on Tuesday. That's ok, because the last thirty one years have been like one continuous honeymoon!
May the Father's light shine a blessing on you two forever and a day.
if you need any tips for domesticating that wild fellow, I'll give you my wife's phone number. I think if she didn't marry me, she would have been a lion tamer.
Love to you both.

Guy S. said...

Leticia, (or should we call you "Mrs. Malontent") I think most of us are just like neighbors, or other folks from town, who stop by the fence and chat. Or perhaps can be found in the garage with "the man o' the house" talkin' about sports, the state of the nation/world, or when all else fails, the weather.

If we get to be too much of a bother, just take the broom to us...tell your man to get back to work. We promise not to track up the floor, and try our best not to cuss 'round the children and the wimmin folk.

Again, congratulations to the both of you, as you begin your travels together down life's highway!!

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Welcome back Ron and Leticia, and once again congratulations and may you both have many happy years.

I am glad to hear that you both had a great time. Ron, I know how you feel about the ocean, it is a bit intimidating being bigger than a lake.

I lived in Florida for a short period of time when I was in the monastery and got to do some ocean fishing, caught a 4 and a half foot sand shark.

Any how, I hope to hear from both of you on this bloggie now that you are back.

God bless.

Kini said...

Aloha Malontent,
Congratulations (ho'omaika'i) to you both and welcome back! :)

Like you, I wish our new president success. It is in all our best interest. I will still question his policies and if I think they are wrong, I will voice my objections. Just like you my friend.

However, I will not resort to name calling like the left did to our former president. It is unbecoming, and we, as conservatives, have a higher standard to uphold. I think there is too much anger/hate on both sides sometimes and that's sad.

It can be consuming for the soul and unproductive for the mind.

Anyway, elections have consequences, but we have the power to do something about that. Vote.

On a happier note! Did you get a chance to eat the fish that you caught? Auwe!

Did you surf da waves brah? He'e nalu!

It only gets better from now on my friend.


Jungle Mom said...

Such wonderful news. Glad to know you both arrived back healthy and happy. We will enjoy getting to know the woman who made our LMC so happy!!!!

Calling the President Elect of our country a monkey is stupid on so many levels! Glad you jumped in there!!!

BobG said...

Glad you had a good time. May you two always be as happy as you are right now.

Anonymous said...

Sump'n tells me Local is gonna be a lot less Malcontented now.

At least, until he sees a newspaper.