Tuesday, January 20, 2009

the "Search For Tomorrow"

Today is the first of the rest of our lives.
I really do not know what to say here, but that no miracle,

no bolt from the blue has happened.

Last night, I had an odd dream, in which I was in the middle of several large trucks, all of which were turning right in narrowing circles, closing in on me. For some reason, each truck was dragging a very large, heavy chain, and all them were centered where I was. As the semi-tractor trailers closed in on me, their chains began to pile up and I had to scamper up on top of them, all the while watching where I put my hands and my feet, to prevent getting entangled in them. As the whole bunch of trucks got in so close to me, there atop their chains,
my hand got snagged in them.

I had a flat tire on my way to my first stop (my only) today, the Cherokee Casino in Roland, Ok. "Must've run over a nail in the road" around Poteau, Ok., I thought to myself. The trouble began when I realized that I had lent my 4-way to Dave last week, and when he returned it to me, I didn't put it back into the truck. So I phoned Poteau Motor Company, my Ford dealership, and asked for assistance. About then a trucker pulled over nearby and asked me if I could use some help.
He had a tire tool, fitting my 7/8ths lugnuts, in his toolbox, fortunately; underneath his truck's chains.
While changing my tire, I gashed the back of my right wrist.

It was immediately then, I decided to make this a short day, despite having yesterday off for MLK day.
Upon coming home at 2:20 pm, to an empty house, I turned on this computer, only to check the local weather; and NOT to tune into any national, talk radio show, or to compose a blogpost.
The following, however, is an exact copy of the Talihina, and our
Yanush, Oklahoma weather forecast:
"Cloudy then becoming mostly cloudy early in the afternoon then becoming party cloudy....."
And then, for tonight: "Clear...."

Occluded, I think would've been specifically ambiguous enough;
Or even hazy, and clearly 'confusing'.
This could be America's forecast as well, for the next several years, in fact.

Let's leave it all to the leaders of TomorrowLand, to sort out our mistakes of today,
and to decide what to make of our choices:

UPdate: Ah, all's well and good: The Dow Jones only lost 332+ points today,
in it's own, furtive Search... for Tomorrow.


Most Rev. Gregori said...

Today, everybody is talking about putting aside our differences and come together to change America. I'm sorry, but I do not want to change my country if it means that we have to have nationwide legal same-sex marriages, unfettered abortions and more and more illegal immigrants allowed to enter and receive amnesty. That is CHANGE I CANNOT BELIEVE IN.

If that is the direction my beloved America has to go, then I want no part of it and will NOT work to help bring it about. If that is what Obama wants, then he is NOT my president.

Prudie said...

Searching for what Obama will bring tomorrow? Look back a few years... he's hiring nothing but Clinton flunkies. Looks like it's Bush - Clinton - Bush - Clinton after all.