Saturday, January 10, 2009

The "Twisted-Twelve" MEME

(As Paul Harvey would say) Now here is a strange:

Dustbury cites another blogger, who invites Uh, bloggers to comb through their own archives, and post as Meme, the first sentence of their first post from each month of the previous year.
(Hat tip,
Boss McGehee.)

Strange? Revealing? Decide fer yourselves, here are The Local Malcontent's:

From January, 2008, Entitled "Ex-NBC Journalist Explains Why NBC News Sucks":
"I had heard the rumors that this extinct bird was still being seen in some places..."

From February, '08, Entitled "Title Town, MA":
"Congratulations to the New England Patriots, for their 31-21 victory over the New York Giants tomorrow, and going UNdefeated this NFL season!"

(Update: Final Score Giants - 17, Patriots -14)

From March, '08, Entitled "The Animals Among Us":
"Hat tip to all involved, in bringing this abomination, this shame/blame of university hijinks to light: First to, Kamangir the Archer, my best Iranian friend:Then to the Gateway Pundit; who leads eventually to THIS VULGAR OBSCENITY: "White University Students Filmed Black Workers Forced to Eat Food, Urinated Upon"

From April, '08, Entitled "Can't Sleep- Decided to Tour the World":
"Ah, it's almost time to get back onto the Liberal Watch bandwagon."


From May, '08, Entitled "I Love this Story About A Man Named Jed":
"I haven't laughed so much, in so long!"

(JMom and hatless in their starring roles as Lucy and Jed)

From June, '08, Entitled "The First Woman President?",
"I suspect that most of us like humor, enjoy laughing."

From July, '08, Entitled "Here's Another Week's Worth of Posts"
"It is hot outside."

From August, '08, Entitled "OK, Now Hear This~!"
"Tonight I discover that I may have allowed a Trojan baddy to infiltrate the Local confines here."

From September, '08, Entitled "Here Comes Gustav!"
"The hurricane fomerly hoped by Democrats to be Kartina II made landfall around 9:30 a.m. today, near Cocodrie, Louisiana."

From October, '08, Entitled "Leticia Hears A Horton, That's Who!"
"Jackpot, Jackpot, Jackpot- Cherries across the board."

From November, '08, Entitled "The New (Butter) Face of American Slavery":
"sorry, that's all I could come up with for a Bloggie Title."

(About Barry and Michelle Zer0bama....)

And from December, '08, Entitled "The Google Ghosties":
"Wow, I caught the Ghosties early yesterday morning!"

All proving, of course, that I'm just the Local Idiot, and seriously need to compose whole sentences, at least near the first of the month...


zeelah said...

hope u and ur lovely wife doing fine. Anyway, im just wondering when are you going to post your weeding pic.? hehe

Jungle Mom said...

May was a great one!!

The Localmalcontent said...

Zeelah, we haven't yet received the wedding photos yet; but most likely, we will email some out, instead of posting them on the bloggie here.

JMom, I remember that post fondly as well~! You both had such funny comments. And there is not enough humor in this old world,,, agree?

The Localmalcontent said...

JMom, I inadvertainly mis-remembered the comments from the post before this one (the last one in April, '08).
Here's the link to that one, look back and laugh well!!
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