Monday, February 23, 2009

~Abrupt End To Our February Malcontest~

Due to circumstances beyond our control....

Got word today from Latimer county officials, that our home phone service, & Internet access will be disrupted for about a week to 10 days.
Beginning this Thursday Feb. 26, the Oklahoma Highway department will be demolishing the old Hwy. 2 bridge over Ellis Creek, north of us, to be replaced with a wider one and moved a few dozen yards to the east.

So, The Local Malcontent will be offline from home for some time, although I could go back to the nearby Talihina Library and wait for hours to use their computer.
The thing is, this time period covers the slated end of our 2nd Malcontest, at midnight February 28.
So please allow us to end it today, prematurely.

That contest, asking "WHAT OVER-DONE EMOTION DID I DISPLAY IN THIS PORTRAIT IN MY FACE, ACCORDING TO WORLD FAMOUS ARTIST KEVIN STARK?", resulted in 11 guesses (uh, 14 if all of Prudie's guesses are counted, including 'constipation'... LOL).
Thank you all for not guessing "Madness".

While many of the answers are close, as I said there, I know the 'Stark' answer... exactly. Only one of you contestants got that exact answer/emotion:

The Most Reverend, Bishop Gregori de Rochester, Abouna, who guessed 'extreme sadness'.
I represented "Sadness", among Stark's 30 emotions on canvas.
My old friend John Duvall, a black OU student, was portraited as "Happiness", and his Blanch portrait looked like the Joker from Batman.

At the time that Kevin asked me to sit for this portrait, I was kinda still in shock from my father's suicide the previous year. The repercussions of his death rumbled in this area for some months, devastated my mother for the remainder of her life as well, and likely drove me, away in Norman then, to the arms of alcoholism myself. I also recall my initial repulsion upon seeing this portrait when Kevin was finished.
I couldn't believe that this was what he saw in my face~!
Years later, when I fully remembered this portrait, then called Stark, asking him if I could buy it, intending upon hiding it away. I still despise the thing. But neither of us can willfully get rid of it-- so it hides within a downstairs wall, as a Dorian Grey.

Listen: Leti and I thank you all, for participating in these monthly Malcontests we are holding-- May God Bless each of you, and we both hope you continue to 'play'. We will come up with another one for March, just not sure what or when, because of the temporary disruption of our (landline) phone service.
From the two contests' results thus far, the "Gregs" (Gregor Goth and MSR. Gregori) among us are 2 for 2~!! CONGRATULATIONS, GUYS.

Abouna, I will contact you very soon, to inquire about your choice of charity to receive our/your $150.00 gift, OK?


Most Rev. Gregori said...

Munchkin and I are most honored to be your latest contest winner.

I don't have to think very long or hard as to my choice of charity. I would like the donation to go to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Their Address is:

St Jude
MEMPHIS, TN 38101-9929

Munchkin agrees with this choice 100%.

Thank you and Leti, and God Bless you both.

Mike said...


Jungle Mom said...

Thanks for sharing your story. May God bless you guys, well talk to you later.

The Localmalcontent said...

Well done, and wonderful choice, Abouna!

I love St. Jude's compassion and devotion, too.
What a pleasure it will be contacting them.
Congratulations, again~!

Mike said...

Be glad when you're back online.