Sunday, February 1, 2009

And The Winner Is....

Sponsoring this contest was really more fun than I thought it would be, and in light of some of the new U.S. administration's threats/promises/laws, it may become something we do more often. But more about that later.
Let's right away, get to the contest results:
Our Celebrity Contest Redux post, in which I ask 'Which Monkee am I Related To'? resulted in 14 comments, with 9 guesses.

From the 'clues' I gave out, the most significant ones were 2), because I can't grow any sideburns like my cousin; and 3), his song "My Calico Girlfriend" is among my playlist music, although all the others are also true to a degree.

Two of those nine guesses were correct; for I am truly the 3rd cousin of guitarist Mike Nesmith.

After breakfast this morning, I wrote down the names of the two correct guessers on a piece of paper and folded it closed. Leticia wrote "heads" on one half the paper, and "tails" on the other, then she flipped a gold, U.S. dollar coin, with President Martin Van Buren (who looks like Larry Fine there) on it, and it landed on the floor as heads.

Still not knowing who won, we opened up the paper to reveal that Gregor, the Sad Old Goth is the winner.

Gregor, either you can email me, or I will certainly email you tomorrow, to congratulate you as the first Local Malcontest winner of 2009, and make arrangements to donate $150.00 to your favorite charity, in your and the good Mrs. SOG's names.

Congratulations again, Gregor. and thank you everyone, for entering the first Local Malcontest.
Leti and I simply cannot tolerate our income taxes to go to a country which shows the intention of supporting abortion, on a worldwide scale. Period. On that, there will be no discussion. So, I intend to defer our estimated tax this year to charity instead.
Meaning, there will most likely be monthly Local Malcontests here at the Local Malcontent bloggie.

At least, I have the germ of one more for February '09, rolling around in my mind's playground, which I expect to present by this Friday, Feb. 6, Mr. Reagan's birthday.


Jungle Mom said...

Thankfully, living over seas we so not make enough to have to pay taxes for which I am ever so glad right now!

Most Rev. Gregori said...

May I also congratulate the Sad Old Goth. I like your Malcontest idea. If I was working a full time ministry again, I would probably do something similar to help prevent my tax dollars from funding abortions and other such non-sense.

Are you over the flu?. Hey Leti, take good care of your man, we need people like him around for a long time.

God Bless you both.

ABNPOPPA said...


I thought for sure I had it with your comment I hold my tom toms differently. Oh well! Great contest and idea on NOT giving money to a government that supports the murder of the most innocent.

Stand strong my friend, we SHALL overcome. Behind every dark cloud there is a silver lining!


The Localmalcontent said...

JMom, are Spanish you speaking?

Abouna, this horrid travesty will not tolerate us. (J.M., again)
Any country that wholly endorses abortion, in others, is doomed, and cursed by G-D.
Yeah, over the flu, 4 days off work last week, and still my upper back and shoulders joints hurt.
You bet, Leti DID, too take care of me. Thank you dear friend.

Pops, I can see where that clue might've misled you, others.
Sorry for that. It wasn't intended to mislead.
Better next time luck (JMom).

The Localmalcontent said...

P.S.: Jungle Mom, I have the best April Fool's day planned for YOU...
since you liked last year's Tiger Woods thingie so...

Mike said...

Sincere congrats to the winner.

I loved the Monkees; was a kid when they were popular and had older sisters with their records. I never knew Nesmith was a liberal, never would've thought that. It's hard for me to imagine any Texan being a liberal...well, there's Willy and the folks in Austin and inner-city Houston, some elites in Dallas, college kids until they grow up, but....

I have his cover of Texas Morning on my mp3 jukebox.

I have a couple of posts in my blog where I mentioned Nesmith; one was in a post on Davy Jones' birthday a few weeks back, and another I did on sock caps. My blog is very dull like that, I don't do politics much, other than to poke fun at politicians

The reasoning behind the charitable gift sets well with me. It's sad enough having the extreme numbers of abortions, but it nearly makes me weep to see people celebrate that fact.

Have added you to my blog's links and will need to add your posts to my Google Reader. Have followed this blog for probably about a year now, not frequently, but stopped in when I had the time. Can't remember where I saw the link, think it was at a year ago visit to Red Stater, another OK Blogger site.

My folks were from OK, btw. Spent a lot of time there when I was a kid, drilled a lot of wells just across the state line when I was working on the rigs. The biggest part of my income right now is from some production near Elk city. It's certainly my second favorite state!

Kini said...

Friends Mal and Leticia,

Nesmith was, and still is, one of my favorite Monkeys when I was growing up. I still dig their music. He's still an influence to my guitar playing, or trying, I don't know which!

Anyway! Hope all is well!


Jungle Mom said...

Maybe Spanish, or Yodaish... Oh dear! now I'll be on pins and needles until April Fool's day!

gregor said...

YAY! This is the first thing I've won since two cans of paint from the local hardware store when I was twelve!
I'll email ya later!
You two rock.

gregor said...

I've tried to email you twice using the address on your last email, but it keeps bouncing back. do you have an alternate address?