Tuesday, February 3, 2009

ATT The Talihina Library Today,
Writing This~!

It seems that AT&T, in their "infinite" and desperate wisdom, has chosen to seclude me from accessing our Email, my Blogger, and my Internet accounts.

**Over being behind ONE month (*bite my az&z*) on my $34.99 bill. That bill was delayed by our honeymoon and our wedding expenses, only. But hey- over 8 years of consistant, monthly payments on time... for this abuse NOW?

Well, back at you AZ&Z.
When I'm allowed back on, you and Barry Huss both will be my main targets here.
there's a young, teenaged boy sitting to my right just now, watching me type all this. He is wearing a green, checkered flannel shirt. Suddenly, now, he's looking away, back at his own monitor. ~Imagine that~!

Anyway, my donation to Gregor's charity won't go Unpaid, believe that~
I cannot access my email account right now, Gregor, to learn of your choice of charity; and in fact it took me three tries to get into Blogger's dashboard to write this even.
Vee have vayes...

I will likely be "offline" for a week or so from the LMC here;
BUT trust me all is well. Comment, if you please, but know that none can be posted for awhile.


Mike said...

Aw, man, I feel for you.

I dole out a hundred bucks a month for my AT&T Yahoo internet and phone service.

When I first signed up three yrs. ago, it was around sixty bucks. I know things go up, but something's wrong. I have very few options on my phone and never, ever make long distance calls.

AT&T just announced they were discontinuing their LAUNCHcast service and I noticed the other day they were also stopping the Briefcase. They're shutting down so many extras, I can't remmember them all. They discontinued binary alt group access a few months ago.

I have also opted for their fastest DSL; I feel as though I couldn't live without it, but I mainly got it to view vids and of course, better quality sounding music from the LAUNCHcast. They promise me from 4-6mbs, but I've never topped much over 5. They're fulfilling the contract, I suppose, but I've never seen that extra mbs.

I keep putting it off, because I dread the half hour wait while I cycle through all the recorded messages until I get a real, live person, but I plan on calling them and negotiating a lower price. What with their financial problems, they'll have to listen or risk losing yet another customer.

I can always threaten them with the fact I could get phone, internet AND cable from the cable company for not much more than what they're charging me and even pay a bit more and get 8mbs internet. OR, I could opt for the cable/internet pkg. and get a cell phone, I suppose, but I get practically no calls anyway, so....

Like I said, I've been there, exactly in your spot. (well, it was because I was dead broke) I use the local library when that's happened and think that same nosey kid was there, too.

They have a decent setup for a small town, but several computers have to share a connection. I noticed my computer slowing to a crawl and looked over to see a kid (think he was wearing a green flannel shirt) have about six or seven windows open, two of them with a video playing and three different chat windows running, plus playing some game in another.

ABNPOPPA said...


I was gonna comment but then again you won't be able to get it so, I guess I won't. HMMMM


Most Rev. Gregori said...

Hey Buddy, may I suggest that you sign up for a gmail account? I use gmail for all of my non-church correspondences. I have had the account for almost two years and it is great. It is free so no body can keep you out, unless of course you have your internet service through ATT.

Good luck. Hope you get this straightened out.

Pamela D. Hart said...

They are idiots. There is such a thing that goes on every single day called LIFE! Maybe if AT&T called and like ASKED you if there was a problem. But no, they must have too many customers to be worried about losing some. They should watch their step. We are in a recession and people are cutting back, looking for cheaper services, better services, etc.

The Localmalcontent said...

2:40 pm, and all's good.

Access restored. Stores reaccessed.

The Localmalcontent said...

Still having some problems with the email, comments etc., I guess.
I didn't see these 5 comments until I got to the LMC dashboard, to post the Reagan Birthday card above.

And still, while I did click "publish" on all of them including Gregor's comment, his did not show up. Essentially, Gregor said he'd tried to email me a few times this week, but his emails kept getting bounced back to him. Email you tonight, bud~!
And we'll get everything lined out.

Mike: My phone service is always on, as I am a rural county, vol. fireman/emergency responder. The phone part of my service was never turned off~ just my internet... but still?!
The amount which I was (technically) behind was 2 months; I wrote them a post dated check, by phone for $75.00. One month behind, and prepaid for one mo. in advance.
Your service could be a smaller amount depending upon several mitigating circumstances, such as medical or financial, or like in my case. Check their website.
I don't hate AT&T really; but they DO aggrivate me sometimes.

Abouna- hahaha, But I DO access AT&T/SBC for my Internet...Oh well.
But Gmail sounds good;
Also, I have MSN email,
'localmalcontent@live.com', mainly for jihadis and liberals--
but the LMC comments go to the SBC acct., where I could not access you, or JMom, or Gregor, or anyone.

Pamela D.- I like your savvy and grit more with every word I read of yours. Congratulations to your Steelers, Girl!!
Keep up the good works~!

Pops, hahaha, done deal, man.