Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Comedy Trumps Tragedy

I was never so happy as last night, for not having a working television.
Or rather, it works just fine, but it's analogue.
So did you waste an hour watching the "State of the Union" address, as presented by controversial leader Barack Obama?

Be assured, it was not "Reaganesque", as promoted; it was not the state of MY union either. One commenter this morning describes 0bama as the "synthesis of Jesus, Lincoln, Reagan and FDR- and Churchill, too".

What changes this dangerous man proposes for our country, if implemented, will ensure both huge budget deficits and burdensome government with far less personal liberties for generations to come.

Which come to think of it, is exactly what any good flim-flam man wants- Ya just don't know who he is'. You don't see the con game he's actually playing, right in front of your eyes.
That knack for being a chameleon is helpful when it comes to distracting a great people into doing something it shouldn't- like delve into Socialism- like give up Capitalism- like disregard, then discard the Constitution.

You couldn't pay us enough to watch that love-fest for tax and spenders, last night.
Instead, we watched an old great video, "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World". Then a 1954 episode of "You Bet Your Life", with Groucho Marx, online.

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Mike said...

I didn't watch it, either. I watched reruns of "Malcolm in the Middle" and "King of the Hill".

Never liked the horror genre.

The Localmalcontent said...

How vastly more entertaining, man, than being talked down to by that inept and dangerous snob.

What his administration will do, is push BACK race relations in this country, 150 years, not move it forward one inch.
When Zerobama is seen for the anti-American socialist that he truly is, he will be lucky to receive 30% of the vote in 2012, IF WE STILL HAVE ELECTIONS....
By that time, even looking at your watch will be considered "racist".

Horror genre? o yeah.
Most unpopular president ever?
o yeah.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

B.O. is such a damn liar, but the majority of the people just cannot seem to see it. I, unfortunately did watch that crap.

He lied like hell about the stimulus not having pork (ear marks), when the damn thing is full of it.

He wants us to make sacrifices, while he lives high on the hog and keeps the White House thermostat way up.

Did you hear that he plans on sending 9 million dollars of taxpayer money to Hamas to rebuild the Gaza Strip after Israel had bombed them, (like we are supposed to believe that Hamas will use the money to rebuild).

Also, he is about to throw Taiwan under the bus.

Do you really think that we will have a country left by the time 2012 gets here? I still say that unless we have a revolution SOON,
there won't be.

Mike said...

Thank God for the remote control. I sat down on my recliner (after moving my cat-varmit out of the way) tuned into the last part of "Jeopardy" this afternoon for the final question (I got it right! "Tahiti") and left it on the station.

I wasn't thinking about the CBS news to follow and as soon as I heard Katie Couric's voice, I started searching for the remote. I couldn't find it, and I swear, I started to panic. I despise Ms. Perky Obamalover more than I do any other network TV anchor. I jumped up to turn the channel "by hand" and all of a sudden, the channel changed on its own, over to the Animal Planet station.

I looked over to see that my cat had moved a bit (guess he doesn't like Couric's voice, either) and then discovered he was on top of the remote.

I may have to let him pick the channels from now on.

Better yet, I might well discontinue my cable. I was on the verge of doing that just after this last Dallas Cowboys season and changed my mind when it was announced late last night that they had cut ties with T.O.

The Localmalcontent said...

Final Jeopardy Question:
"Where Was Controversial Leader Barack 0bama Born?"

{Soothing, Final Jeopardy music}

Alex: "Bucky Worthlessly, you are in last place with $15 dollars. What is your answer?"

Bucky's answer: "Where is Honolulu, Hawai'i?".

Alex: "Sorry, that is incorrect. Reverend Sharpton, in second place with $200 dollars, your answer... 'It don'n matter none, biyatch" isn't in the form of a question, thankfully.

Alex Trebek: "Now we go to our returning champion, retired schoolmarm Rosie Dimplecushion, who had $48,000 dollars...
her answer is "What is A Manger?"
IS correct...."