Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Desperate Housewives, the Pakistani edition:

Ah, the innocent and delicate flower, which is the Pakistani Muslim GirlieMan.

Lovingly lifted ( I have witnesses! ) from the Karachi (Pakistan) Observer Editor's bloggie:

"Rape Victim Says His Life Has Been Ruined"

Khalil Ahmed, the person who was allegedly abducted by three women from Clifton and subjected to sexual harassment says the incident has not only destroyed his social life (*Since the Jan. 26th event*) but also caused him emotional, physical and monetary harms and losses."I am in immense pain, both physically and emotionally. I have lost my job, and have been told to take complete bed rest (for six months~!) by doctors. Meanwhile, I have no money to spend on treatment and fulfill other basic needs," he told The News in an exclusive interview on Wednesday.

For Ahmed, who belongs to Tehsil Ahmed Pur Sharqia of Bahawalpur, Punjab (?), skepticism expressed by police officers as well as his friends and relatives is proving to be another dilemma and source of mental torture for him. "Worst of all, when people say that I’m telling lies as no such incident took place or I’m a male prostitute, it hurts the most. Media persons, police investigators and my acquaintances have so many conspiracy theories that I can’t even think of," he deplored.

According to him, he is married but his wife has not been handed over to him as her Rukhsati has not been carried out yet. "I have been getting signals that this event could also result in end of my marriage even before I could see my wife," he says.
According to him, doctors have asked him to take complete bed rest for at least six months and avoid indulging in sexual intercourse or he could become impotent for the rest of his life. "Those three or four days were the filthiest and most abhorrent period of my life and now sex has become a loathsome act for me. My internal and external reproductive organs are still aching even after the passage of nearly two weeks of this incident," he said.

Well, Alrightie there, thank you for sharing that with us, Mohammad....
Who has some Mind's Eye-Wash they can spare?

His friends, his former employer, and the local police are dubious: Medico legal officer Nisar Shah who conducted the clinical examination of the victim at the Civil Hospital Karachi says "... I doubt this story and it is the responsibility of the police to probe him..."

Someone needs to investigate the 40,000 rupees spent in one carwashs' car vacuum cleaner on Jan. 26, I'd suggest.

Says Ahmad's boss: ""We have never heard any such thing happening here. He is befooling us and the entire nation just to get famous and earn some money but he would not succeed in his tactics."

Those are tactics?! Well that sure back-fired then;
not to mention his new reputation as Pakistan's biggest wallflower.


Most Rev. Gregori said...

After reading that, I am going to have to wash my eyes out with soap and water. This is the line that really did it for me:

"I doubt this story and it is the responsibility of the police to PROBE him..."

My gosh, doesn't that reporter think the poor man has been violated enough?

I heard that the poor dear can't get a driver's license because he was "rear-ended" too many times.

I better quite while I'm ahead.

ABNPOPPA said...

Do you have an address? I would like to send some money to help take care of this poor, poor man!


Prudie said...

Ha. If we see a mass exodus of men immigrating to Pakistan, I guess we'll know why.