Friday, February 20, 2009

hatless Pitches A Gem,
With "Dire Warning"

i bow towards the south this afternoon, acknowledging the superior, brilliant wit of 'hatless in hattiesburg's "Dire Warning" post today.

take my word: click the above link, and read it/laugh long with it~!

or as i did, read/laugh, then reread/relaugh at Emperor Barry Huss' own words (if only he could speak the truth).
all the while, wishing as i did, that dreams did come true.

a mere sampling:
"Using his imperial pulpit, [Emperor] Hussein demanded servility, from his cronies in local government as well as his own secret police. He said the new legislation gives him unlimited power to "waste the taxpayers' money with more capriciousness and impunity than ever," and that he will use them.

Okseekleen Mayor Danny Maize, who leads the U.S. Conclave of Mayors, said he welcomed Hussein's warning. Sweating profusely on the Formerly Caucasian [White] House driveway, Maize said "We have plenty of constituents who will be weeping long before the president's reign of terror ends"."

that's only one part. of many wishful thinking, sardonic-yet-true, replete-with-supporting-linked paragraphs you will find there.

go now; don't dawdle. big brother is awaiting you there, expectantly. and please be sure to salute hatless with your comments.


Jungle Mom said...

That was great!!!

Most Rev. Gregori said...

My soul keeps screaming out to me,"WE'RE DOOMED, DOOMED I SAY!"

And I can only shed tears when I think of the America we are losing, and I can only think of the words found in Hosea 4:6; "MY PEOPLE ARE DESTROYED FOR THE LACK OF KNOWLEDGE...!"

crazy4danes said...

Oh man...I couldn't finish it...I am still having a little bit of chest congestion and cough and laughing is the worst! Dan asked if I was OK and needed a glass of that point I had to stop.