Saturday, February 7, 2009

Just a Quikie Update

Here's only a brief blog post, to give updates on some matters in question.

First, the Local Malcontest(s). The recent one, "Which Monkee Am I Related To?" was won by the Sad Old Goth, a special dude from New Jersey, and Conservative down to the bone. His choice of Charity, for the prize for winning, is The American Cancer Society. Leticia and I will be contacting the American Cancer Society this coming week, to make arrangements to donate in the names of the lovely and talented Mr./Mrs. SOG. Visit his blogs, and show him some love~!

As I said, I've another contest in mind, but I need to find someone around here with either a camera cell phone or a digital camera, neither of which the two of us feel the need for owning. But, I know someone with such....
hint hint.
We will publish the February Malcontest sometime this week, to end on the last day of February, again.

Some odd, yet positive fluctuations in our personal finances have been occurring;
First, funds I'd sent to a friend via Western Union last year, will be refunded to me.
Leticia has received an award, hosted by her bank and all it's branches, celebrating her as the "Employee of the Year, 2008", of the Clayton (OK) State Bank. Her cash prize utilizes a "comma" in it~! And this, on top of their sweet wedding gift of Silverware for eight.

And last of all, the state of Oklahoma has given me a voucher, for new tires for my truck, a retail value of $500.00.
I have never had a set of Michelin All terrain tires on any truck~.

My gosh, WHAT IF 2009 IS BETTER?


Most Rev. Gregori said...

If 2009 is better, it will be NO THANKS to Obama. Well any how, it seems things are looking up for you two "love birds".

Again, I am sorry for the screw up with W.U., but I do thank you for the offer.

Mike said...

I love to take photos and wish I had a better camera. The one I want would cost over a thousand bucks with lenses and misc.

Yikes. I couldn't enjoy myself with it thinking that if I dropped it or got it stolen I'd be out that much money.

I have one now that cost about three hundred and even that amount is much more than I'd care to lose, so I'm pretty careful with it.

I didn't spend a lot on my first camera, but that was quite some time ago and can't remember the exact MP or price but I know you can buy a decent camera these days for under a hundred bucks.

Still, a hundred bucks is quite a bit of money for me. I can eat for a month and a half pretty easily for that amt. of money. (not eat GREAT, but I could eat plenty)

Y'know, just thinking about it: I haven't bought a tire in something like ten years. I don't drive much, so they last quite a while. I was looking at my last car, thinking I need to sell it and the tires look to have started to dry rot and the tread isn't even 3/4 gone, I bet.

Never had Michelins, either. I used to have a service station when I was a young man and sold only Gulf tires and off-brands.

Hey, be sure the next time you visit my blog (and thanks for the recent posts, BTW)get my email addy and fire me off a mail so I can easily add you to my contact list. There's been a time or two I wanted to ask you something or tell something I think you might want to hear, but I didn't want to clutter up your blog with idle chitchat.

The Localmalcontent said...

Consider it done, Mike.
And I look forward to another "local" friend nearby.
As I think I said once, I've been to Pampa, and had a good vibe from it. Ya'll are sure hardy folk out there in the Panhandles of Tx. and Ok.!

Prudie said...

Woohoo! Congrats for the unexpected cash! Sweet.

ABNPOPPA said...

Wonderful news about your wife. You must be very proud of her! Never could afford Michelins but always wanted some. Take a spin around the block for me will ya.

You have a good heart!