Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"Old Jews Telling Jokes", Young Gentile Busting A Gut

This post was inspired by friends Abouna and Munchkin's addition of comedian Alan King to one of their posts.
I've known about this site since January. Until now, however, the jokes have been a bit too blue to copy and post here. The following comes very close...

Still, I like the site, Old Jews Telling Jokes, because as it stated there before today's joke, "... the jokes were told as a means of keeping old traditions alive, from one generation to another, or from several generations back to now." That explanation is gone, unfortunately, today.

One or two of the jokes there are, well, nasty ("Broccoli"), but each of them is hilarious nevertheless. My personal favorites there are "Golf" and "Plumber"; not nasty, yet full of innuendos, as funny as can be, just not clean enough to replay here.
So use caution, if you decide to visit this site, and hear their jokes.

I'll add, it sure beats "Old Muslims Telling Jokes".
As if, there was such a thing.
Muslims neither live to be as old, nor are they joking.

Here is a sample joke at 'OJTJ': Malcolm Busch, 74, telling "Drobkin":

OK, one more, bluer, told by Barnett Hoffman. "Fidelity":


ABNPOPPA said...


Too bad about being off the air for a while. We will catch you on the other side.

Funny Stuff, very funny stuff


Most Rev. Gregori said...

That "Fart" jock had me ROFL, nearly wet my pants.

I miss the days when I was a little kid and they had a lot of comedians on TV; Jewish, Italian, Irish, etc., and the ethnic jokes they would tell. They weren't dirty, but they were funny as heck. Every body,back then, loved those jokes and no one was offended, until the 1960's when all of a sudden,it seems that people seemed to develop very thin skins, then everything changed. How sad.

Mike said...

I've been subscribing to the Dry Bones blog (Israeli cartoonist) for quite some time.