Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"We're A Nation of Cowards"

What a load of crap our U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder tried to feed us today.
Ya'll fully malleable enough to accept 'racial reparations' yet?
For there will be more of this.... Much more of this.

Less than one month into this new administration, I am already repulsed by the nature and the direction it intends for us all.

"... (Attorney General Eric) Holder said the workplace is largely integrated but Americans still self-segregate on the weekends and in their private lives."

Mr. Holder, when you use the term "Americans", what race are you implying? And what race(s) are you excluding? For as far as I know, there is NO Law, neither legislative nor moral, which dictates whom I may choose to fraternize with on weekends. No quota which I must meet, to satisfy. So what's wrong with that?

And don't you give me the 'I mean any given American, of any/all race' retort. You and I both know what you meant: You meant the evil, guilty White folks, from whom you have every intention of extracting Reparations. You meant making the descendants of Southern Plantation owners, who had slaves, over 150 years ago, pay restitution to the descendants of slaves today.

And Your boss, Your master, Obama, has already begun that guilt-ridden oddessy for unearned money and for sweet revenge, hasn't he?

During his Presidential campaign, Your Master Obama urged Americans to break "a racial stalemate we've been stuck in for years" and bemoaned the "chasm of misunderstanding that exists between the races."
Not a slender, or even a narrowing crack, but a "chasm".
Rather than see the many, many great strides which Blacks have made -on their own, individually- you and he look to ask much more White Americans should kiss your asses, simply because of your skin color, and in Obama's own personal case, regardless of whether he/she is descended from American slaves.

YOU, Mr. Holder, are Racist, and a bigot, and just another flim-flam man, wanting something to be given you because of the pigment of your skin, nothing more. For being the first Black Attorney General of the United States ISN'T enough, yet, for you.

Disregarding all those fine and resplendent men and women who achieved high personal office and stature, despite their race like Colin Powell and Condaleeza Rice and Justices Thurgood Marshall, Clarence Thomas and other spectacular American heroes like Hank Aaron and (my God!) Jackie Robinson; tennis great Arthur Ashe; the NFL's many, legendary greats like Simpson, Brown, the incredible Jerry Rice~!!, and former Texas Longhorn (!), now Tennessee Titan quarterback (and my favorite NFLer) Vince Young----

It Is mostly members of your race Sir, who take pleasure in calling, in besmirching these people as "House Negros", or worse...
Just as you have done, in not-so-many-words, by your speech noted here.
You sir, are a Racist. More succinctly, you do not know what you are talking about, and you DO NOT speak for me, or for most Americans. For you see racism where there is not one speck of real racist evidence to back your salacious claim of overall, cowardly racism, in America today.

And for that, I ask you to resign your post: You are unfit to lead.

Not because of your race, though that singular, insignificant difference will be what you claim; rather, it is because you are not impartial to the law, which you are asked to defend, not judge me by whom I invite over to a BBQ, on Saturday.
It's About to Get Really, Really UGLY friends, courtesy of one Barack H. Obama, and his lifelong search of Identity and Entitlement.

Exit Question, ala HotAir:
Does this statement of A.G. Holder, constitute "Insubordination"
against us all, his bosses?


Jungle Mom said...

Hate speech! I just read this at bad eagle. Furious!!!

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Holder is a despicable son-of-a b&%ch on so many levels. He should NEVER have been confirmed in the first place. Obama appointed all of scum and bottom feeders from the Clinton administration, so we should know where this country is headed.

If the people don't grab their guns and rise up and revolt, then they deserve what is coming.

ABNPOPPA said...

Excellent question Mal, I want him in my office in the morning with or without his union rep. We need to have a little discussion with Mr. Holder, our employee.

That's what they don't get THEY work for us!


Got the new blog started yet?

The Localmalcontent said...

Not yet, Pops; but have some themes developing for it in my noggin.

Jeffro said...

Yannow, I didn't know Holder was black/African American/whatever until I finally saw a picture of him. I just knew what I'd read about his support of certain issues (namely gun control) that I wanted no part of him in any sort of governmental role. Even the evil white oriented right wing pundits I read made no mention of his race - just his stands on issues.

So, we're all still bigots, though, because we don't play with black people on weekends enough to suit him. I'm pretty much a hermit on weekends, and there are no black people within thirty miles of where I live. So, what do I have to do to placate our Atty Gen? I gotta drive to one of the Nearby "Big Cities" to visit a person of color? They sure as hell aren't driving out to my place to visit me. But, I'm the racist.

Most Rev. Gregori said...


If you cared about our African/American brothers, you would sell your home and move to the hood, where they would then be close by for you to share your free time with.LOL

Jeffro said...


Reverend: Hold your breath!!!!

Mike said...

Maybe, just maybe in two years there will be enough Americans that are angry enough to swing the Congress back the other way and oppose everything this administration is doing.

I'm not going to hold my breath, though.

Mike said...

I was wondering why you had left out J.C. Watts. Since I hadn't heard anything about him in a while, I decided to go see what had become of him.

I didn't like what I read: seems that he announced he was going to vote for Obama. He said he didn't agree with nearly everything Obama stood for, but felt like he needed to vote for him.

-sigh- Y'know, Powell lost a lot of my respect when he said he was backing Obama.

I read so much I forget where I read certain things, but just the other day there was a hilarious article saying the author was going to "whack" some people from his list of friends and contacts, ala Tony Soprano.

Wish I had thought of writing that piece because I've been doing that for several years now.

One of the first online discussions I ever participated in was one on reparations. When one of the pro-reparations posters said blacks had been screwed out of their "40 acres and a mule" I replied that it was a great object lesson to those former slaves, namely to not trust what politicians promise them.

Even with interest, I'd like to know how 40 acres and a mule turned into 10 sections and a Caddy.

The Localmalcontent said...

Mike- J.C. Watts' omission was not done by any reason of resentment or for dislike in this post; back last year, I urged him to run for POTUS here.
Just didn't think about him when writing this. The particular theme was the racial slander 'house Negros', which Powell, Rice, Thomas and the ballplayers all have been called during their celebrity.

Mike said...

I always admired Watts, but his endorsement of Obama has tainted my admiration.

The first time I ever heard the pejorative "Uncle Tom" leveled at anyone was at Watts.

My fav. OK pol?

Larry Derryberry

With a name like that, how could you keep from voting for him? -grin-