Thursday, February 19, 2009

Whatzit? No. 7

Maybe, it's needed, comic relief from all the political unravelling~
Or simply, a memory dump.
I Encaption, You Decide.
Here's a cool-ection of images I've stored since February 1, for you,
waiting only for the proper time (Feb. 19th):

(The Blind Date from Hell)

(Art, the Shadow of Trash)

(You Are *Here*)

(Dickens' "The Peacock of Christmas Past")

Now I had trouble figgering this one out- But I've entitled this photo



Jungle Mom said...

The trash shadow art is kinda neat.. The dog hat...not so much!

Pamela D. Hart said...

The "Blind Date from Hell" could've played a part in "Star Wars". With hair like that, she could've been Princess Leia's sister! Thanks for the "giggles".

The Localmalcontent said...

JMom, it is NOT a dog hat- that is that gal's styled hair, to look like a Pomeranian, or uhg, something hideous.

Any idea what's going on in "REtake!"?
--always know, that I save the best for last--

Jungle Mom said...

Ok, thats worse!
No idea about retake at all.

The Localmalcontent said...

(( First boy, left, back row ))

IS Blowing chunks, including


Mike said...

I've looked at these several times, but just noticed the kid getting sick. Poor little guy, reminds me of how I felt during my wedding or when the final polls came in this last early Nov.

The trash one puzzles me; I know it's supposed to be symbolism of some sort. The people in the shadow...are they just done having sex and that it was garbage? I'm serious...dunno what that one is supposed to mean. Stuff like that bothers me when I can't figure it out, but what bothers me most is the fact that I let it bother me. -grin-

The peacock is beautiful. I spent the night with a childhood buddy back when we were kids and they had peacocks. They make the most horrible sounding call, it's like someone being murdered. I didn't sleep a wink that night.

I like these posts, takes my mind off of Obongo and his Gang of Thugs.

The Localmalcontent said...

...dunno what that one is supposed to mean. Stuff like that bothers me when I can't figure it out...
That's why it's a "Whatzit"

regarding the trash/shadow photo, I don't know the reason for the shaped-up-shadow either, or what it could imply;
in the eye of the beholder, perhaps?

Mankind may never know or understand- but I'm glad you like these, Mike.