Tuesday, February 10, 2009

You Gotta Be Kidding Me, John McCain!

Received this email tonight, and thought before I sent it to the trash heap, I'd share it here with some comments:

Dear [Malcontent],
Being the Republican nominee for President was one of the great honors of my life and an experience I will never forget.
(*Neither can we Conservative voters, dude)
Some have wondered, after my hard fought presidential campaign, (LOL) if I plan to run for re-election to the United States Senate.

I want you to know that I do intend to seek
re-election. The magnitude of the financial crisis that many American families are facing makes it clear to me that I want to continue to serve our country in the Senate. (Because being an unemployed septuagenarian, accustomed to the good life of a Senator, I would dread having to live on only my wife's salary as an Regional Anheiser-Busch magnate. What if the President forces her to cut back her executive salary to less than a million a year too, like those Wall Street bankers!)

The economic challenges currently confronting our nation are immense and unfortunately, the Democrats in Congress propose addressing these challenges through increased spending that wastes billions of taxpayers dollars and saddles our children and grandchildren with a staggering debt. Their proposals will not stimulate economic growth or create jobs. While the leader of the Democratic Party, President ZerObama, has pledged to change business as usual in Washington and spoken of bipartisanship, I have been saddened to watch as Congressional Democrats try to use their majority to advocate more of the same failed policies and wasteful spending of the past. With so much at stake, now is not the time to step away from my (questionable and part-time Liberal) work in the Senate.

As always, I anticipate a tough re-election challenge. But with your help (unlike mine in the Senate on your behalf), we will counter those efforts and put forth an aggressive campaign by registering new voters, reaching out to Democrats, Independents and Republicans (lotsa luck with that, John), and again earning the support of Hispanic and Native American voters in Arizona (many of whom want to tar and feather me anyway, if I go back to Arizona).

Then in his last paragraph, McCain asks for (wait for it) a contribution!!!
ranging from, asking for 10 to 500 dollars.

NOW, he seems to finally understand the risks of his McCain-Feingold campaign finance bill, and begs for Internet/email dollars.... a move that would have been seen as wise, one year or more ago. I don't see what his re-election to the Senate will do for America, or for Arizona for that matter; he has always been so willing to sell us up the river.
Contributions from Conservatives, John, will be a dry gulch, another dusty arroyo.

We need all to begin a real clammer to repeal the 17th Amendment to the Constitution, reducing the impact and stature of Senators back to where they were intended: To their one state's needs only.


Most Rev. Gregori said...

I would like to see every single one of the Senators and Representatives out of office completely and start over with a whole new batch of hopefully honest individuals. the crap that is in office now are only interested in their own bottom line and playing political games at our expense. ENOUGH!

The Localmalcontent said...

If Term limits are good enough for the U.S. president (2x), then why not for the Legislators in Washington too?

*Upon having passed a Constitutional Background Compliance check, naturally*.
Yeah, to that.

Mike said...

Even if a Democrat beat McCain in his re-election bid, odds are the new office holder would be more conservative than is McCain.

I've seen the argument against term limits, namely that we DO have term limits...it's called electing someone else. The problem with that is most people would agree with that...for everyone else but their own representative. I offer up Teddy Kennedy as one example . As long as the pork keeps flowing into their state/district, they're not going to vote such a "success story" out of office.

It would suit me if we sent people to Congress via a lottery. OTOH, someone would find a way to rig it, betcha.

If I had the past associations with shady characters that does Obama, I couldn't get a job as a cop or even in a bank, I reckon. I can't see how he can get any type of top secret clearance.

I've followed the Obama birth certificate issue very closely for nearly a year now and while I don't subscribe to some of the more off-the-wall conspiracy theories, I think he's hiding "something". It might be something disqualifying him from office or even something merely embarrassing, but if it had been known prior to the election it probably would've been enough to have kept him from being elected.

Then again, knowing the stupidity and/or apathy of the average American, it might not.

The Localmalcontent said...

"Then again, knowing the stupidity and/or apathy of the average American, it might not."

I dont think we know the full extent of that electorial stupidiy yet, Mike.

Jungle Mom said...

We need a treu conservative. When will the party learn that when they actually run CONSERVATIVES we win!