Friday, March 20, 2009

Another Internet/Phone Disruption

Sometime Wednesday, March 18th.
Neither of us know for sure what happened, only that when Leti got home Wednesday afternoon, she tried to call her mother, and our phone was dead. She alerted me outside, I came into the house to churn up the computer,
AS IF....

Nothing. Until today sometime, it was restored.

There were spotty thunderstorms and hail in these parts Wednesday evening through Thursday noon, but nothing which I'd heard of that was severe- and only a short distance of telephone lines is on poles, south of Wilburton, so I'm only guessing there was more work done on the buried phone and cable TV wires, in erecting the new Ellis creek bridge some 5 miles north of us.
Again, so sorry; your comments of the last two+ days are now posted up,
and your emails will be answered.


Most Rev. Gregori said...

Are you sure that the liberal left isn't trying to keep you quiet? Uh oh, I better watch it, my paranoia will start getting the best of

Gosh, how does it feel to keep getting thrown back to the 1850's (no phone, no internet).

Glad you are once again back to the future.

The Localmalcontent said...

You may have something there, Father- Remember, they got your old site, Hitting Another Brick Wall, last year!

As a matter of fact, before the phone went dead Wednesday, I was having a similar trouble as you did, with accessing Blogger....