Monday, March 16, 2009

Arrested Development

There used to be a TV show called "Arrested Development", on FOX.
Never watched it.
I thought the title itself was dissuasion enough, Sunday nights at 9:00 Eastern & Pacific.

Arrested development is a clinical term for the abrupt cessation of maturation, or incomplete mental faculty primarily brought on by excessive drug use.
(WOW, them's some big words there- and I composed it all~!)

Anyway, that's my opinion.
Proven day in and day out, by the actions of Liberals and Socialists, now so very emboldened by the election of controversial leader Barack Obama.
Around the clock, Eastern & Pacific.

The first thing which I read this morning was the piece on Obama's Essence (LMC previous post), detailing how immature and utterly unprepared he and his power brokers in the Executive branch and White House are.
They had no idea how to treat visiting British Prime Minister Gordon Brown only last week, adding "Great Britain is nothing special- it's just one of 190 countries around the world..." and "Obama is just too tired and worn out..." after barely eight weeks at his new job.

But here's the Liberal cry-baby show stopper for me, today, under the heading
"Global Justice and Anti-Capitalism"
from one of my fav.Liberal cry-baby sites,

Saturday, 3/14:
"Two activists from Revolution Books and the Bay Area Revolution Club showed up at the anarchist book fair today eager to get to know some of the revolutionary-minded and anarchist youth that we have been fighting alongside of recently in protests against the Israeli massacre in Gaza and the struggle for justice for Oscar Grant. We also wanted to mix it up with people about a special issue of Revolution newspaper out right now: 'A Declaration: For Women’s Liberation and the Emancipation of All of Humanity.' And we wanted to extend our solidarity to the RNC8 and let people know about the excellent new series in Revolution newspaper.

Unfortunately this message was censored by the organizers of the anarchist book fair. First we were told we could set up our books and T-shirts in the courtyard (where other non-official vendors had set up). Then several older men came over to us, kicking our materials and destroying one of our DVDs. The main book fair organizer told us we had to leave the courtyard, but that we could set up on the grass. After we’d been hanging out on the grass for less than an hour, someone came up to our table and poured a large bucket of water all over our books, newspapers and flyers, destroying hundreds of dollars worth of literature."

Do I detect just a wee bit of capitalistic ownership and property rights in that Libtard's last statement? Shocking, I tell you, just shocking behavior at the Anarchist Book Fair in San Francisco!!
But Lo! It gets even better. The author continues:

"People, this is not how political differences should be dealt with among people who hate this system and are trying to fight for real change. We are revolutionary communists and we operate on the principle of unity-struggle-unity, which means we want to unite all who can be united around the urgent political battles of the day, struggle with people over our final goals, and (hopefully) come to a higher level of unity through debate and discussion. When anarchists and others show up at our protests and events, we welcome them. We don’t fear differences among people. The back and forth exchange of ideas is part of how we get a better understanding of the world in order to change it.
Censorship and destruction of revolutionary literature cannot be tolerated!"

Score one for "struggle", I guess?
After that last sentence, the author then begins his obligatory, obscenity-laced tirade on how they ought to be treated by those people whom he is intent on destroying.

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Most Rev. Gregori said...

"After that last sentence, the author then begins his obligatory, obscenity-laced tirade on how they ought to be treated by those people whom he is intent on destroying."

Ah yes, they cannot leave out the 'Liberal Speak'.