Saturday, March 14, 2009

It's Just Common Sense

The following is the very first Local Malcontent blog-post by
Leticia, Mrs. Malcontent~!, and I couldn't be more proud.

As I copied this to Blogger, I asked Leti what she wanted to title her post: "It's Just Common Sense", she replied. O. My. Goddess~!
Done. All I've added from here on, is to apply "Speelchekker" and font size.

I work am a bank teller inside small branch bank and I hear it all from customers and some of them complain that their checks have bounced when when they expect a deposit to be made in to their checking accounts. It is called kiting. Their check s come into the bank before their deposits do and we have no choice other than to debit their account for the insufficient funds fee and send they check back .

I feel sorry for some people who do not take their own responsibility for their money, and don't keep better recording of their checking accounts, but I can not change the rules and they agreed to those rules when they opened that account. All I am able to do is try sympathize with them and encourage them to be more accurate more careful.
My bosses have good names. My head teller is Patience, and our branch president is named Jordan, names I like and think say something about them important. They understand the needs and demands our customers have on them. They try to meet the needs of customers, but they can not change the rules either.

The rules are do not spend more than you have in your account. The rules mean that sometimes people have to cut back and say no to things they want to buy.

OUr country America should do no more than that. Ron has told me how America borrows money to pay for promises it made to pay and the more money America borrows the higher the taxes we have to pay someday back. Taxes are the only way America has to make money for things that we do not need to be paying for in the first place . I do not like having to pay for some one elses mortgage or some health care or abortions. America borrows money to pay for these things that are not wanted by every one and most taxes the ones who do not need that kind of help. But every one has to pay back the debit, as soon as they make them or have a bad balance. Customers are Americans and Americans are customers both.
We could become bad customers, with our accounts getting flagged.

The rules for each person to follow ought to be the same as for our country to follow to be a responsible customer to the bigger bank, and have to say no to things that are wanted but we can not afford.


Most Rev. Gregori said...

The banks are one thing. If we over draw our accounts and have to pay a penalty, that is something WE DO to ourselves, that is OUR stupidity and we deserve what happens.

On the other hand, the national debt is what our government did to us, without our consent. That I am afraid is ROBBERY, SLAVERY and TYRANNY.

All of this came about on December 23, 1913, when our government unconstitutionally and therefore illegally enacted the Federal Reserve Banking System. At the same time, they set up and enacted the IRS. That was the first time our government had an income tax.

You see, the Federal Reserve was allowed (albeit illegally) to print money out of thin air with nothing to back it up. Therefore, our government put up the LABOR, PROPERTY and other assets of every man, woman and child in America as collateral for the money printed by the Fed. The IRS is therefore the collection agency for the Federal Reserve, thus making us indentured servants to the government to pay the national debt we had absolutely nothing to do with.


Good post.

Mike said...

My ex thought every blank check was a 20 dollar bill, I think. I've had checks bounce because of stupidity, but never again.

Gregori is spot on about the Fed, couldn't have said it better myself.

Jeffro said...

Common sense left the building in Washington a long time ago.

Jungle Mom said...

I bounced one check when I was a teenager. It embarrassed me to no end and I have never done it again. All you say here is true. When the money is's gone. Our poor children will be left paying this debt off. What a shame on us!
I hope we hear more from Leti.