Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ohh- They Got Me

Relax. Ain't dead yet.

This is a shout out to two new, good friends in the area here, Bill Witt and his wife Dezerae.
We became acquainted in the most innocent of ways: Bumping into each other literally,
at the Talihina grocery store. Then we learned that we'd parked next to each other outside, so our casual conversation continued. Since that day, we've visited, hunted, and dined with each other out on the town and in our two homes here in the Buffalo Valley.

Bill is an Operation Desert Storm veteran, U.S. Army, and his wife Dezerae is a little firecracker who loves life more than Bill- (LOL) Gregarious, opinionated, funny and as warm as good women come. In other words, they're 'old school', Conservative,

and Yep, Choctaw too. They are about to adopt one, and hopefully two, abused sibling children who are presently in foster care homes in Oklahoma.

They both have wedged their way into Leticia's and my hearts the old fashioned way:
They are genuine, fine folks.

Though, 'Bill is as ugly as a dog's south emd', according to Dez.
And no one can argue with her....~!

These two have begun an online Imaging Service called
"PicsNStuff.org, and I would invite anyone and all to visit them for some bargain basement priced, yet elegant and detailed, computerized works of art, both in image and in words, combining the two in ways I've never seen before.

Please, friends, DO check out that link to their website?

And if you do, you will see their cherished gift to me,
one of the items featured on the front page there:

The fine print at the bottom reads: 'Thank you, Ron, for all that you do, your a great friend, Bill and Dez Witt'. And without further comment here, I'd only add this response: Anytime, for good folks like you.

Soon, I'll post their pictoral tribute entitled, "LETI".


Most Rev. Gregori said...

I just visited your friend's web site. It is really great. they sound like a great couple.

I love that gift to you. It is right on. I can't wait to see their tribute to Leti.

Jungle Mom said...

Sounds like great friends. I will check out the link.

ABNPOPPA said...


Just checked out your new buds site. They have some great piks there. 'tween you and me they could use some more Native American backgrounds. But you can help them out there.

Saved all my receipts from our trip to Florida and am going for the write off next year. Visit several of the Big Blue stores and picked up some business cards.

Thanks for the tip.