Monday, March 30, 2009

Ponderisms, No. 3

Last year-- no!
Two years ago, I posed an imponderable situation, pondered first in my own head, then placed in Cheryl's head, then to my blogging friends'. No one knew the definitive answer. That evil little thought still arises in my head even now sometimes, too:

If a Midget wanted to go skydiving, would he/she use a proportionally, much smaller parachute than regular sized people, or a regulation sized one?
It still seems to me, that a regulation-sized parachute would carry our small friend far off course. Or would a smaller parachute do precisely the same thing to our skydiver?
Which? No one knows.

Today, a new, equally disastrous idea, came to me (yes, this IS how my mind works...):

Why are there no Ice Cream Sundae contests, during some festival, or at county or state fairs or PowWows, or on the Fourth of July in the town park? Making elaborate use of ice creams, flavors, and toppings and all?

Because they'd all melt, before the judges came around. The winner would inevitably be the first Sundae to be judged, sampled.
Did you know, that Google Image has NO images collected at all, of melted ice cream sundaes?
Zero. Not one. I did find this one suitable for inclusion, here:

Guess what?! My best friend Marty gave me the nicest present yesterday, and as a result, I drove us to church with tears in my eyes.

Out of the blue, wholly unexpectedly, the big dummy brought over a black Scofield Study Holy Bible, our Lord's words red-lettered, embossed with my name on the front of it.

I wept.

He said he'd seen my Bible needed to be replaced~ and he wanted to do it.
\That, from the wildest Indian I know.

I just can't get my mind around that one either. Ponderisms.


Jeffro said...

What little I know about the subject - as far as I know, parachutes do come in different sizes for different weight ranges.

Now whether or not they come in Hoss Cartright sizes big enough for me - well, I'm not too keen on jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. So adding actual experience to the very limited knowledge - well, it ain't gonna happen.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Jeffro, the military has some humongous parachutes for dropping some huge loads, so there is one for you, should you ever have need to jump out of a perfectly good plane.

As to the Sundaes, if I were a judge, I would scarf them all down long before they would have a chance to melt.

As to the Scofield Red-letter Bible, what a gift, but as they say, "never look a gift horse in the mouth." Marty sounds like quite a friend.

Jungle Mom said...

What a lovely gift from your friend!

Mike said...

Back when I was a kid, my sisters and I went to stay with my aunt and uncle in New Mexico; my unk was a preacher and it seemed as though we went to church twenty times a week while we were there.

There was a cute girl around my age who attended the church and she had a Bible with the words "Teresa Bible" engraved upon it.

Being pretty much a heathen at the time, I asked her what sort of Bible it was...I mean, I knew about the King James version, but had never heard of a Teresa one.

I was embarrassed when she told me that was her name: Teresa Bible.

Parachuting has been on my own personal "bucket list", a long time before the movie ever came out. I hope I can get to do it, but I'm sure another "wish", riding a bull, is out of the question now.

Well, not unless it's going to be the last thing I ever do, I guess.

The Localmalcontent said...

'that was her name: Teresa Bible.'

Not a ponderism.
I saw that one coming a ways off. LOL

Teresa had a hispanic named older brother too, likely named, "Jesus".
Wait until you see His Bible, Mike~!

The Localmalcontent said...

JMom, Abouna: As you may remember, Marty was my Best Man at our wedding. That's because

He is my best friend, and

He's so bold, unafraid to either show his genuinely good heart, despite his genuinely, wild,Ness, or his fierce defense of his friends amongst strangers.
A person to imulate, IMHO.
His image has been shared here before, showing both his Choctaw devotion and love for Grass dancing, and also
his soft, squishy side.
Worthy of a blog post devoted to him only?
An Excellent Idea~!