Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sshhhh-- I'm Listening To Reason

Plenty of alternatives to having to watch Zer0bama endlessly blather on tonight, especially when we don't have TV.
I'm sure that once again, TOTUS told him to say that he's what America needs right now, that the average citizen is too dumb to understand the minute machinations of the complex economy, and to simply 'trust him'.
Oh, come now....

Later tonight, when I send an email to the White House telling Zerobama that instead, I chose to introduce my wife to the brilliance of PeeWee Herman in the movie, "PeeWee's Big Adventure", over the abuse of watching the big Zero tell how smart he is, I'll fondly remember Leti's gentle laughter at lines like '... tell me about your big But, Simone', instead of how angry at AIG Bozo is.
Can someone who endured that torture tell me, which Presidential mask was Mr. 0bama advised to wear tonight?
Lincoln? Reagan? FDR? Kennedy?
It seems to me, as if the only Presidents that he knows of, are all on coins.
When the Jimmuh Cartah and Barack Zerobama $1 coins are issued in the future, I intend to deliberately swallow one each. So that later on....

Leti's reaction to my genuine belief that this is the greatest movie EVAH? "That was so weird."


Mike said...

"So that later on...."

Now, THAT will be change you can believe in. (because for every dollar you swallow, you'll get only a small percentage back)

Instead of watching Prez. Zero's blatherings, I watched "Good Eats", one of my favorite shows. Alton Brown cooked with peaches on one of the double-features.

Much better than Obongo's peach of a speech.

The Localmalcontent said...

ROUGH-ly, 23 cents, I imagine.

(true)Peaches to you too, good friend~!

Most Rev. Gregori said...

I lost all respect for "Pee Wee", after he was arrested for - - - - in the lobby of an X-rated movie theater.

My sons were crazy about him when they were little, but I wouldn't let them watch him anymore after that little escapade.

Rather then listen to Ayatollah Obama, I went back and watched re-runs of Baby Bang. My goodness, what is happening to my mind? My guess is either old age or Obama overload.

Mike said...


I started to mention Paul Reuben's "indiscretion" but decided I'd best not. There was that joke about not sitting in front of him in the theater....

Yep, two kinds of liars in this world; the guy who said he's never and the guy who says he's quit.

I had a parakeet I named "Onan", btw.