Saturday, March 28, 2009

Who Cares ( chapter 2 )

Thank you all for your understanding, your comments, and emails-
all demonstrating your empathy at what is nothing less than overwhelming, ugly news from virtually every front, around the world.

The "Who Cares" titles are rhetorical; I was not asking

for a show of hands...~

A single blogger like myself, cannot effectively speak out on the many abuses of power presently going on, as well as the countless atrocities around the world, from that monster in Austria, to the Muslim takeover of Great Britain, to creeping socialism and a possible One World Government-
And trifles like Baseball posts or the weather, right now.
And, honestly, you good men and women ought not either.

Like the many local "Tea Parties" around our nation next month, each of us must become focused upon saving, upon influencing our own neighborhoods like Webster and Fort Worth, like Columbus, Ohio and Durant Oklahoma; like Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Salt Lake City, Utah; and small cities like Newton, Kansas and Englishtown, New Jersey, Marietta, Georgia, Texarkana, Texas and Hilo, Hawai'i.

For until one or all of us bloggers gains a national reputation like CNN or FOX news, or, or Limbaugh or Hannity, we only impress a few dozen a day, and at least in my case, always far away from home, Yanush/Talihina/McAlester.

The dire need, I feel, is for influencing and changing the minds of our neighbors.
Become more of a Vocal, Local "Malcontent" in your area, open some eyes, and change some votes where you live.

We can all say that we abhor Muslim terrorists, and Iranian Mullahs, and Obama's incoherence and future high taxes, or post on dangers of rampant, illegal immigration, but if we ignore the oh-so-far-more subtle work the Democrats are generously financing, like ACORN counting the 2010 census and gazillions of COMMUNITY ACTION projects, we will miss the boat,

and this is the last boat we can take.
So for now, at least, the Local Malcontent needs must become LOCAL. Needs must change some minds, and try to change some influential minds, here in my neighborhood, for the stabilization and well being of us all.

I urge you all to become the same, in your areas, before the very darkest hour of America occurs,
and bring her back home, from the grassroots upward, cultivating, spreading, nuturing the seeds of capitalism and individualism, for America's NEW DAY.

Who Cares about a small, insignificant, Indian blogger, or your blog, if America dies?

*Disclaimer: This post reflects my views, for myself and my wife, and what I feel we ALONE should do.


Most Rev. Gregori said...

Dear Friend,

I am out everyday (with Munchkin), and every body I meet, I try to wake them up to what is happening and to let them know that we can still STOP it, if we just all pull together, but unfortunately, I have discovered that the majority of the people in Webster,Rochester, Henrietta, Chili, etc., just don't want to hear about it.

Their heads are so far up their butts it just isn't funny. Either they tell me that Obama is the greatest president we have ever had, or they just say they don't want to discuss politics. So how do you save people who don't want to be saved?

I post to my blog because even if those in my neighborhood don't care, then maybe at least some one some where will read it and heed the warnings. My blog and my prayers are all I have.

It is amazing how easily people are deceived by lies, yet it is so hard to convince them with the truth.

The Localmalcontent said...

I do understand, Abouna- your blog is terrific, and more focused than the LMC. But never be decieved by the influence too, which you pass along there-.
Here, I intend to remind Democrats the words that Obama promised, the 95% tax break, getting out of Iraq and Afghanistan, ethics and transparency in government,
framed against what we see today.

I am seeing minds being changed. only a few thus far, but there's time until 2010 elections.

To Anonymous in Canton, OH:
No, you are right- I will not post your 16,882-word comment here.
How'd you know??

The Localmalcontent said...

Abouna, here's a perfect example of what I mean, from my earlier comment:

After church this afternoon,
I confronted four people, two couples, who promoted, and voted for Obama last fall, insisting that "he'd do so much more for America's veterans".
The two men are Viet Nam vets, and affiliated with the VFW in Talihina.
I asked them how satisfied each of them were with the Zer0bama administration's intent to insist that veterans buy private insurance now, to offset the government's obligations to veterans' continuing medical needs.

Their best response?
"Well, it's only a proposal..."

I got in their faces at that point, and said "that proposal is enough!! Just the FACT that he has the nerve to suggest it, is a slap in your faces. There will be no more 'thank yous' from 0bama, and his ilk. Just 'what more can we get out of you?'"

Dave and Canary Dick had no reply, only looking down at the ground. I walked on, not saying goodbye.

Planting seeds of discontent, friend, in Democrats' "minds",
that's all I'm doing.

Jungle Mom said...

I do not have much contact with Americans down here and the ones I know tend to be conservative but, I take it upon myself to educate the Paraguayans who continually congratulate me on our new President. They have no idea of his abortion standing for one thing. Being a primarily Catholic nation, abortion is still highly looked down upon here.
They usually say something like, "Really? We only heard he was great and everyone loves him?"