Thursday, March 26, 2009

Who Cares?

I am tired of the troubling affairs of the world as a whole.
There is not a single, solitary place to go without hearing
about more and additional fears.

All I want to concentrate on just now, is the longterm safety,
protection and survival of my wife and myself.
Becoming a true, L-O-C-A-L WhateverIam, hunkering down,
getting serious about our survival plans.
This ole bloggie had a very good run- but I do not enjoy
sitting down and composing anymore.

"Total Choctaw, Total American" still,
only, now in the deepest shadows, watching.


Jeffro said...

I hear you.

Mike said...

I hate to hear that, my new-found friend. I understand, though. My eyes glaze over when I read what's happening and go cross-eyed when I read the comments on msg. boards and in forums. I can understand the hate (still don't like to see it because it only adds to my own)

I sometimes struggle with depression and the depressing news these days only adds to my down mind-set.

Lately I find myself perusing the survival catalogs I get in the mail, wishing I could spare a few thousand for a years supply of freeze-dried foods. I already regret letting my sister get away with almost all of my dad's guns.

I've some ideas about you quitting your blog, but will send them to you via email ASAP. Until then, take care.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

My Dear Friend, I know what you are feeling, and the way things are moving so fast toward the One World Government. The Thugs in Washington who are running this country are right out front about what their plans are to totally trash the Constitution and enslave the American citizens.

Last week, when I went to visit my second oldest son at his auto repair shop, I had to watch him break down in tears because he is on the verge of losing his business and his home. My heart was breaking because there isn't anything I can do for him.

All I can say now is hold tight to Leticia, hunker down,keep your faith, and give the bastards an inch without a fight. I really believe that the Lord is coming very soon. Every thing in me tells me that.

Obama and his entire administration is totally evil and we will have to endure at least for a little while.

God Bless you both.

Christopher Willis said...

The Localmalcontent said...

It's just that- in times like these in this country, when an obvious threat to our well established nation and society like Zerobama and his growing number of minions, "his community action thugs" and the likes of ACORN are getting millions if not Billions of dollars,

to infiltrate every neighborhood, to inculcate every child to their ways, to destroy our BLESSED ways of life,

It Is Now Time, to resist.
I'm going to do it, by focusing on my little corner of Oklahoma;
trying to change minds, make people see Obama's dangers,
and seek the defeat of our Congressman.

No, Hatless, I won't give up the bloggie; instead, I will buy ads in the four local newspapers, inviting readers with computers to visit The Local Malcontent, for another viewpoint.

a very LOCAL Malcontent.