Friday, April 24, 2009

"Earth Day" Photos

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As usual.

All photos taken on April 22, 2009; Courtesy of, not a Bill Ayer's terrorist website. Have a good weekend, everyone~! See ya'll Monday.


Mike said...

I remember the first Earth Day; I was just starting high school and we had just gone through the largest blizzard in years...which didn't hurt the cause of the scientists that were saying we were entering a new ice age. Pollution was a huge problem; the Cayuga River had caught fire and things looked dire.

30 years later: We're doing much, much better on the environmental front and we have more to do, but I am infuriated at how the climate change believers are jumping on the back of a truly righteous cause and scaring the beejeebers outta people over this.

I don't trust anyone who "cries wolf" yet will make a profit off of the fear.

I'd also like these folks who scream the loudest to lead the way, that is, show by good example instead of preaching to us and then proceed in using more energy in a single day than do a hundred average Americans.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Those are really awesome pictures.

I don't celebrate "Earth Day", at least not the way tree huggers do, because that is worshiping creation instead of the Creator.