Monday, April 27, 2009


Forty 'confirmed cases' of Swine flu in
the United States.
(like our nation's Liberal judges, and Liberal University professors,
there are plenty Liberal health officials)

  • NOT Forty cases in a grade-school of 400 students. (10%)

  • NOT Forty cases in a little town of 2000 people. (2%)

  • NOT Forty cases in an Indian Reservation of 10,000. (0.4%)

  • NOT Forty cases in a County of 40,000. (0.1%)

  • NOT Forty cases in even a small, Eastern state like Delaware or Maryland. (0.too many Zeros%)

  • There are a total of Forty cases of Swine Flu in the whole United States, population 311 Million. ( 0.even more Zeros%)

In 2007, there were more than 21 million instances of Regular Influenza, in these same United States,
according to the CDC. ( 0.0675%)

The Fear Mongering Administration of controversial leader BarryHuss Obama has
now engaged the remainder of the news media, as well as radio talk show hosts.
Boortz, Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity.

Hell, Oklahomans, Kansans, Texans, and even Nebraskans fear another (yawn) Tornado Watch more than this BS.

What an opportune time to Nationalize

our health care system next, eh???

Obama is politicizing fear

of a manufactured pandemic,
for personal gain.
The Sick Bastard.

Two additional comments from me, the LMC, below.


The Local Malcontent said...

More people died TODAY, from suffocation on a Cat hairball, than the Swine Flu "pandemic".

Don't believe the hype, the bullcrap which the government and the media is offering to feed you now.

** Wash yer danged hands. OFTEN.
** Use a paper towel or Kleenex to handle public doorknobs, potties and such.

** That Son of a Slut
Barry Obama, and Friends
intend to frighten you into begging for more "government protections and interventions"
during this awfully sudden pandemic.

** DON'T SUBMIT, as in islam,

Conservatives knew that this shit was coming.

Mike said...

"Son of a slut" ROFLMAO

Palin's daughter was brought up the other day in a poltical forum I sometimes frequent; the poster, a lib, used the out-of-wedlock pregnancy as an example that libs had better values than do conservatives.

He was bombarded with "son of slut" references. (more or less)

It's a wonder that we don't have more outbreaks of disease, especially considering the Domino's Pizza incident of a few weeks ago. I'm sure that sort of thing goes on every day. I eat out only at places I know are clean...not fond of the places where teenyboppers are in charge of sanitation.

There will be other repercussions to this and some have already started. For example, Russia has stopped imports of pork and other meat products from several US states.

Oh yeah, back to the msg. board I was talking about (think it was Politico) There was a poster laughing about where the incidences of infection were occurring, namely in the red states. He was saying that anything that reduced the number of we ignorant conservatives was a good thing.

That was an ignorant thing to say on several levels, but to ignore the fact that pandemics affect high density populations most of all was beyond his comprehension, I guess.

He didn't factor in what we "ignorant conservatives" would do when they start fleeing the cities like rats from a sinking ship.

Sorry, buddy....since you despise the red states so much, what makes you think we'll welcome you with open arms?

majorfactor said...

If nature teaches us anything- it is cycles!

As the wheel of fortune goes round & round - it is just a matter of time before a pandemic comes up a winner.

It is not a matter of if - it is a matter of when!

With everything happening in the world today, I have chosen to look outside the box for answers, because everything happening defies logic.

The common denominator to the ills of today equates to POPULATION CONTROL and a pandemic fits nicely into the equation.

The Local Malcontent said...

May God Help Us All,

These previous two...

Mike said...

Previous two "what"????

The Local Malcontent said...

Mike, your comment was made after mine-

the 'previous two', were meant f4 earlier onwardwardonwardlyj, not bass


Most Rev. Gregori said...

You can tell this is total B.S., because the government tells Americans not to make any unnecessary trips to Mexico, and they say that they are checking folks at the border to make sure they are not sick, but they do NOTHING about stopping the illegals from flocking in. Lord only knows what the hell diseases they are bringing in.