Friday, April 3, 2009

Frog In A Pot

In an LMC comment, The Most Reverend Gregori asks:

I can only ask this question, as our beloved country slides deeper into the crapper because our elected officials continue to push God out of our lives, and as Obama grovels before tyrants, Will my Native American Brothers and Sisters remain as passive as the rest of the American people? Is there no one in the entire country with the courage to stand up and fight to take back our country?
I have said it over and over again, we can NEVER get our country back through the ballot box. Those days are gone forever, because both political parties are become ONE being bought and paid for by the same money interests.

Well, I don't speak for all 'Native Americans', Abouna, but the majority with whom I speak on a daily basis, are not passively standing by, awaiting the water that we're in to begin boiling, before doing something.
On the contrary, in fact.

I hear the word "revolution" several times a day, during my travels around eastern Oklahoma (and NO, not meaning the revolutions of the wheels on electronic gaming machines under inspection). People around here are noticing the subtle changes, from higher cigarette taxes and greater government intrusion into individual lives. There is much grumbling in Indian country. And yes, I admit that much of it is racially motivated.
Or, it was racially motivated at first; now, it is quickly becoming fanned by the outrageous bailouts and legislation and the possibility of hyperinflation coming out of Washington, D.C.
The betrayal of campaign promises, turned to outright lies; the promise of taxes, the exclusion of certain places to search for oil and gas in the United States, threats to the coal industry, the fecklessness of pouring billions of tax dollars down a rat hole.

I would have to disagree with your implication, however, Abouna, that the rest of the country is passive. Not everywhere.

There are many events, many gatherings such as the National Tea Parties on April 15, which will move millions of Americans, and these events will have ripple effects, to include even more people, who will suddenly find their courage to speak out, in light of, and in the company of, very large numbers of people.
Friends are meeting in homes, discussing this country's future, and plans are being readied to act, if such-and-such event is witnessed.

What does that mean?
It means that you'll see some Okies stand and fight for this country.
Like the pride one sees in Texans' eyes and the readiness to fight in their words, the same can be said for us Okies.

And again, what I think that I can personally do most effectively, is to make The Local Malcontent bloggie far more Local-- to that end, I've bought ads to be placed in The Talihina American, The Clayton Times, and The Latimer County News (all, from one publisher)-- inviting news readers to visit http://localmalcontent/ if they have access to a computer.
The ads say "'Total Choctaw, Total American', A Conservative Viewpoint to Today's Troubling News".

While my job prohibits me from certain political activity, such as organizing a Talihina or a Yanush Tea Party, I can assist friends to do so. That's my plan, to cultivate interest in local governmental protests, then offer quiet assistance and support.
As private citizens, we can call (and encourage neighbors too) my Congressman and Senators with our opinions.
As private citizens, we can forego watching TV, even O'Reilly and Hannity, and talk with our neighbors and friends. co-workers and acquaintances about America's future, and convincing them of the coming dangers.
As I said here last week, and still believe, 'That's where our strengths lie'.

Rasmussen Reports today, April 3, has the President's Approval rating at 3%, the lowest so far.
The dissent and disgust of the American people is beginning to show.

But people need to be aware, that the temperature of the water we're in, is gradually rising; we need to jump and scream before the water begins to boil us into socialistic soup.

As my beloved grandfather used to say, we're "about to get our can full". It may be ugly, as I've predicted here before-- but America is worth fighting another Civil War over.
The slavery of Socialism will be the cause this round.


Most Rev. Gregori said...

I have tried what you are doing, but what I am finding in my area, is that even though so many people around here complain and don't like what is happening, they always manage to turn things around and blame Bush for everything and praise Obama as such a wonderful person who is doing so much for the American people.

When I tell them that in just some 60 odd days in Office, Obama has done absolutely nothing except increase the national debt by trillions of dollars, I am called a liar that it was Bush who did that. People in New York State just want to roll over and play dead. They won't fight, they won't admit the truth. I can't even get a Tea Party going here.

The federal government has raised their tax on cigarettes and now our governor is doing the same,but not only on cigarettes but soda, bottled water, car registration, cable and satellite television, phone service. Even Road Runner is going to charge their customers by the amount of bytes they use a month. Everything in this state is going up, yet the people will do nothing. Obama and his wife are gods and that is all there is to it. I am on verge of just giving up and let folks just fend for themselves.

gregor said...

here, here, well met.
i'll be right there beside you, friend.

BobG said...

*thumbs up*