Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy Shelly Hour to Each of You, and April Fool's~!

A number of years ago, I was nominated to become a Board member of a small, New Mexico town library.
I accepted, and served one year at that post.
What might've prompted that nomination was my thirst for reading back then, research too-
I was always in the The Moon Library, before the days of today's broad, Information Super Highway.

And speaking of Broads, LOL, my most favorite April Fool's prank happened there, to a very flirtatious, older woman (she was in her late-30s) who was the assistant Librarian. Though married, she always had an eye for me, and really, I lapped the attention up. She, Was a broad.
Shelly was her name. Still is, I suppose....

So, during lunch one day in early March, 1995, there at The Moon Library, I learned that Shelly's birthday was April 1.

Still is, I suppose.

Afterwards, I had a brainstorm: I'd ask the Mayor of The Moon to declare April 1, as Shelly M-------- Day, with a big Proclamation and everything. But with a twist, perfectly designed for an April Fool's Day prank too.
--I told him about my plan, about Shelly (whom he knew also), and we shared howling laughter at my idea.

I asked the mayor to send Shelly a letter, informing her that her birthday was to be declared "Shelly M. Day", in Las Lunas. But only, due to the city's tight budget, all that the mayor could do, was proclaim the HOUR between 11 A.M and Noon, as the "Shelly M. Hour" in Las Lunas, New Mexico.
And, that unfortunately, because of a previous commitment, the award would be presented by the Public Works Director.

I bought an oak plaque with a bronze faceplate, in preparation for the occasion and had it engraved "In Recognition of Her Devoted Service to the Las Lunas Public Library System, SHELLY M-------, Is Hereby Honored In Las Lunas, New Mexico, with the Hour between 11 AM and Noon, To Be Known As The Shelly M------ Hour. Sshhhhh!"
[signature] the Mayor
[signatures] the Library Board of Directors

It's nearly Midnight, on April Fool's, 2009 now. I still celebrate that hour of April 1, for Shelly.


Most Rev. Gregori said...

Well, it sure does beat having just 15 minutes of fame.

diegoengel said...

Well, here is to Shelly! I'm sure she deserves every accolade she receives!

Jungle Mom said...

Is she still enjoying her 'hour'?

The Localmalcontent said...

Could be, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

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