Thursday, April 30, 2009


Since I've lived here in Yanush, America ( 9 yrs. ),
I have never seen this much rain in so short a'time.
Some 7.5+ inches hard rains since this time yesterday, nearly nonstop.
Including never before seen flooding in our garage,
at least two inches deep in parts of my shop.

Rushing flows have washed out landmarks
and my beloved friend Amos' gravesite.

The chicken's pen is carpeted deep in green,
broken oak leaves and twigs, as is our entire yard.

A heavy hail storm lasted over half an hour last night,
wakening us, frightening us.
The rain, the hail were unrelenting last night,
all night long, amazing us.

I predict that our gardens are ruined--
The potatoes and onions will be drowned,
our tomatoes and okra are beaten to the ground,
our tiny peppers and squash vines are all gone- flooded away.

Our beautiful Irises did not survive~

Our home is on a sloping hillside;
Yet it flooded for the first time yesterday/last night.

We will both be late for work today.

Late Update: Here's a map of yesterday's rainfall around here.
The orange color is upwards of 8", the red, 10".


Mike said...

We got nearly an inch and a quarter in thirty minutes yesterday, but the storm split and the bulk of the rain was everywhere else.

I posted a couple of tornado vids taken yesterday around Plainview and Lubbock.

I hate hail worse than tornadoes. You can get out of the way of a tornado.

ABNPOPPA said...


Sorry to hear about your garden and flowers. Glad to hear you and Leticia are both OK! The strong plants will survive and grow anew as will the gardeners. They too are strong and will be stronger for the experience.


The Local Malcontent said...

We cleaned up the yard and gardens tonight until it was too dark to do any more.
It's a setback, but as you say Pops, nothing that can't be replanted, or trimmed back.

Sleep will come easily tonight, we're wore out.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Saturday of last week it was 83 degrees, Sunday it was barely 40 degrees. This past Monday morning, it was 86 degrees when I went to the store. I was in the store for no more then ten minutes and when I came out it had dropped down to 41 with high winds and rain.

Yesterday it never got above 50 with rain off and on. This morning started out at 71 and by late this afternoon it was down to 57 with rain.

This is the craziest weather I have seen in a long time. Do ya think God is trying to tell us something?

Jeffro said...

Wow. We've been getting some moisture (finally) but nothing like that.

Hope it doesn't get any worse for y'all.

ABNPOPPA said...

I know where you can get some directions on building an Ark just in case. That radar shot was scary.

Glad you guys are OK.


Kini said...

Dude, where's that Global Warming we were promised?

But seriously! Sleet Happens!Aloha