Monday, April 20, 2009


((Somewhat sudden inspiration, versus Economic reality))

Oh my gosh, we've bought a piano
Another gift for me from Leticia, and another gift from me for her/me.

Not a Grand, but a used, '94 Bluthner Upright, bought at Sigler's in Fort Smith, for our now-finished, rec room downstairs. They are delivering it today by 7:00 pm.

Now the fun begins~"!!"

for What if they are Union piano movers??
"That's a steep slope to carry that... uh, down.. to.. Uh, ohh, OK, uh-
no, NOO~!!! step here and then here!!
NOT there!

...Yes, We've comprehensive home owners' insurance.
How come, guys?" LOL

The first song to be played on our piano?
I'm thinking Scott Joplin's
"The Sycamore", my best/easiest played, or at least trying to.
I have the sheet music for some of Joplin's compositions,

but about halfway through, when I think I know the rest of the tune,
I just JammD0wn my way to the end, when I'm asked to play on friend's pianos
(which is not that much, or that often).
All Joplin all the time Baby, believe me, if I have my way~!

"The Arthritic Malcontent" just ain't got that special Zing, has it?
But that's where my slow, fat fingers are.... Hahaha!~
(One or two too many fistfights along the way, I guess.)

You didn't already know that Leticia and I both can play the piano?
(Me, better than her really)

Can you tell that we are real happy and excited because:
Oh my Gosh, We've bought a Piano?!


ABNPOPPA said...

Hey, Mal. Are you excited about buying a piano? You certainly don't sound that way. LOL I for one didn't know both of you could play the piano. I do like the Joplin stuff though. I'll never play the piano again. Then, I never played it to start with.

Enjoy my friend, enjoy.

PS. Thank you for the kind words, thoughts and the prayers at the passing of my lovely wife. It really meant a lot to me and my family.

Blessings my brother in Christ.


Most Rev. Gregori said...

It is nice to see someone get excited over simple pleasures. It reminds me of when I was a little kid, 7, 8, 9 years old, my aunt left her piano at our house for a while, and in the evenings, my mother would play different songs, and us kids would stand around sing.

Ah, those were the days.

The Local Malcontent said...

Pops- Oh, we're excited about it, alright. When I wrote that post yesterday though, I'd ust been down in the rec. room moving things around to make room, when I cut the back of my left hand. Kinda badly, kinda deeply in the meaty part between my thumb and index finger.
- that kinda neutralized my enthusiam.
But that didn't diminish our fun playing music until midnight though.

Abouna, both you, Leticia and I all grew up with a piano in the home.
My mother sold ours before her death, or I'd have that one now.
Yes, many fond memories~!