Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Oops- My Bad

In the last 10 days or so, I've made (at least) two boo-boos here
on the Local Malcontent, and need to apologize to two readers.
I have two bloggies, this one and "Krazy Talk From Krazy Town",
which is mostly Choctaw and personal things.

Two posts intended for Krazy Talk were inadvertently posted up here,
and received two comments from Jeffro and from Abouna, before I discovered my error.

After discovery, I moved both over to the proper place, by copy/paste,
but these mens' comments were lost. Thus my apologies to you guys.

The trouble I have is with Blogger's Dashboard, which switches my two blogs places,
out of habit, I just click the first "create" button that I see, and put the pedal down.
After that point, the Create templates are identical, unspecified.


Most Rev. Gregori said...

Not to worry, life will continue even if my response is floating around somewhere.

Keep a "Stiffer upper lip", things will just keep getting even more interesting. We all make boo boos, I just made a doozie on Friday with my "on-line bill payer" that ended up costing me a hefty penalty.

"Cry and you cry alone, smile and the whole world thinks you are an idiot."

Mike said...

Back when MSN hosted their Communities/Groups, they had a feature where people could receive all posts to their inbox. As a manager of several (and one that was fairly busy)I would always discourage that.

First, the service didn't work all that well and wouldn't work for weeks. Then, people would be deluged with all of the posts since it had the glitch and would sometimes receive thousands and thousands of mails in a single day.

Secondly, the option also let the ones using it post via email, which was a security concern (revealing their addy, leaving them open to having it spoofed or hacked or nabbed by spammers), plus it would just post the reply to the thread whenever they sent it and not to the post to which they were replying. Confusing at the least.

Thirdly, MSN had no edit feature; if one made a mistake, the only thing you could do would be delete the post, leaving a "Deleted Post" notification or just delete the thread entirely and start over.

Even then the folks that subscribed to all posts would still get it and I never liked it that folks would be able to see my foul-ups.

I sure love Blogger, though, esp. more than I did Groups. The only thing better about Groups was that people could use some basic HTML in their posts, add graphics, etc.

I have but the one blog that's "public", but I do have another "test" one where I try out stuff to see if it works.