Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pin the Tail on The Donkey

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but a Full Blood Choctaw Indian, in Oklahoma.]

The Democrats in this country are sure a bunch of odd ducks, aren't they?

When they do manage to win elections, their mantra becomes "Hey, we won. Get used to it." Unwilling to tolerate any dissenting voices or Tea Parties.

When they lose elections, or state referndums such as California's Prop. 8 to legalize same-sex marriage, they become vindictive, little snots taking aim at the Mormon Church, boycotting businesses which donated to the prevailing side, and at poor Miss California USA, Carrie Prejean, for their beliefs,
and for winning.

They can't get used to that. Oh no~!

For more than eight years, Deomcrats and the mainstram media reminded everyone within their screech, of George W. Bush's DUI arrests and youthful problems with alcoholism.
Barry Obama admits to a youthful cocaine addiction, in one or the other of his "authored" books, did you know that?
Possibly not, since a Democrat was the crackhead involved, there's nothing wrong.

In the eyes of Democrats, the Earth is fragile, and must be worshipped and humans are harmful. In the eyes of Conservatives, the Earth is a creation for humans, by a loving God, deserving of all worship.
Global warming (or Climate change) must be the result of mankind; not by far larger, more likely suspects like underwater volcanoes and the Sun.

Democrats bemoan the rich, "fat cat" Republicans, who don't pay enough taxes.
Yet they are the ones who insist on illegal immigration for the United States, which does nothing else but drive down prevailing wages for every worker competing for a job.
Every met anyone, who's goal in life was to be a "skinny cat"?
I kinda thought that should be the goal of everyone, regardless of their own definitions of "success".

To Democrats in Washington, D.C., al-Qaida cannot be called "Islamic terrorists", anymore.
In vogue now? Rightwinger terror groups, including returning veterans.

Democrats insist upon, and implement higher taxes on businesses in this country, and then are slack-jawed when these same companies move their factories offshore to places where the tax environment is more favorable.

Care to discuss Democrats demand for lower fuel prices, but will not allow for petroleum exploration in many places within our borders or off our shores? Or allow for additional refineries to be built, or nuclear fuel plants either.

It's as if they have this romanticized idea of a wonderful era where everyone had horses and buggies, and the General store had overflowing bins of fruits and vegetables, where everyone was a schoolmarm, but no one wanted to be the hard working farmer.
"ya'll are gonna starve"
Oh, no wait- we'll have some kind of quaint, 19th Century Socialism to fall back on (the tenets of which will just be invented as we go along), won't we?

"Liberalism is a mental disease" maintains Michael Savage.


Mike said...

The left's hypocrisy is astounding, but not nearly as much as their refusal to see or admit to it.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Liberalism sure is a mental disease. If you are in your right mind, you couldn't possibly be a liberal.

The Local Malcontent said...

Heh,heh, Abouna- Good one
Wish I'd thought of that~!

BobG said...

"All a Democrat needs is the upper-story window of public attention and the chamber pot of rhetoric. How else to explain Joe Biden's rise as a flannel-mouthed, four-flushing, limelight-stealing head louse?"
- P.J. O' Rourke