Sunday, April 26, 2009

"Socialism Killed The Dinosaurs"

My wife and I heard this comment, and only scant more details aloud,
while eating dinner at Poteau's most popular Mexican restaurant, La Huerta, Friday night.
What we did hear, raised both our eyebrows and our smiles to each other.
I heard these three Anglo men (alright- Rednecks) first, seated at a table next to our booth,
tilted my ear toward their conversation,
when Leti took note too.

"Yeah, the dinosaurs didn't have the technology to stop that asteroid," was the pertinent piece of supporting evidence. He continued to weave an intricate, sinister scenerio in low tones, involving the World Bank, Obama, and now Swine flu.
And later, this well-intentioned man proclaimed, "An' it'll end up killing us all too."

We never saw that the guy was kidding, or trying to make a joke-
but we supported his statements by making eyecontact then cordially nodding to them, as they got up leaving.

Later on, camping at our mountain retreat, around the campfire,
much laughter was had, remembering it all.
Laughing, not so much at his death-by-Socialism monologue, which is a distinct possibility,
but at his initial dinosaur claim.


Jeffro said...

You've always got to be ready for true genius. It waits on no one.


Most Rev. Gregori said...

""Socialism Killed The Dinosaurs""

Yup, I can believe that since socialism destroys everything it touches.