Monday, April 13, 2009

That's Outta Here~!!

I'm very sad to say that another Baseball Voice has been silenced today.

Harry Kalas, 73, the 38-year-voice of the
2008 World Series Champion Philadelphia Phillies,
was found slumped over his microphone at 12:30 pm EDT today, dead.

These radio broadcasters, these men who vocally weave the exquisite, intricate patterns of each game, are special men who somehow instinctively know how to build the drama of a 3-2 pitch;--

--how to make each radio listener become that runner on first, heart apounding and feet ascratching, intent to steal second base.

Harry Kalas lived and described God's favorite sport, the Philadelphia Phillies version, on radio waves long enough to realize a unique situation last year: The World Series against the Tampa Bay Rays,

Where his son, Todd Kalas, is that team's television-voice.

Baseball. Where there's never been any two games exactly alike at. any. level. ever., in more than 130 summers of playing the sport.

Baseball. Where men become fixtures within countless, unknown families because of the games they transcribe, to the anticipation and the excitement/fear of anxious fans, living and dying on the result of every next pitch.

Baseball. Where not even broadcasters are immune from the beloved sport's special uniqueness.

Jack Buck, St. Louis Cardinals. Harry Carey, Chicago Cubs. Ernie Harwell, Detroit Tigers.
Mel Allen and Red Barber, New York Yankees.

Welcome to the Heavenly Phillie's Broadcast booth, Harry.

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Kini said...

When I lived in Philly, his was the voice of baseball.

A better place he now lives, calling the plays.

Aloha my friend.